Nov 8, 2013

#537 Halloween Bar 2 Bar                           1 11
Present: Chainsaw Assacre(Scottish Pirate Captain Greaves)  “Sky” Rim-job (Bane w/o Respirator) , Lil Steamer (Witch) Suck My Gumballs  Romanian Steamer, Whiny The POO, Bloody Dobby (Scary enough as themselves)
Hare / Bar
#1 SMG – Anchor
#2 CA – Bunny
#3 WTP / SRJ: Jumble (Snared by SMG)
#4 CA – New Makati
#5 SMG – Playmates
#6 CA – Love Doll (RENAMING)

It was scary frightening or just downright creepy as the hashers assembled, well sort of on a frigid Friday night (November 1st) actually. Wait not on Halloween? Really? Oh hell Samhain is gonna get us next year for that. I digress The 1st by-proxy hare was SMG waiting at the usual scene of the crime for nothing as it were.

To anchor we go; or just meet up there. After beers a plenty, we move along to bunny for beer pong aplenty as the kangaroo court unanimously votes to rename “Bloddy Dobby” More to Follow on that. Compete as we did, @ beer pong (say it isn’t so!!) SMG defeats BD in game 1 Chainsaw & Whiny cums from behind to defeat “Sky” Rim-Job & Russian Steamer. Sky & Whiny take the chalk to supposedly blaze a trail to Jumble.

You fools said it too loud; then wind up spending the entire 5 minutes standing at the corner to be snared by SMG. So on-on to Jumble as it were, where SMG was noticed missing & presumed to gotten by the boogie man!! Chainsaw was hares away to New Makati where we see SMG alive and well. Was all well & good until the elderly crowd came in.

SMG was on to the next bar; short n easy to playmates where debauchery aplenty took place. All the BS aside It was on to #6 for the renaming of “Bloody Dobby” There was only the  Steamers, Chainsaw, & Gumballs to deliberate the eligible candidates.  Hanger Banger, Slobby Dobby DOO, & Bloody T-Bag to name a few. But were those good enough? HELL NO!!! “Bloody Dobby” Henceforth & Forever More you shall be known As Jump My Ass / JMA for short. As the renaming hath concluded there was no more business to conduct therefore on-on to swing low.

The good news is that Halloween / Samhain is on Friday next year, so hopefully the turnout & the costumes will be much more better.

Chainsaw Assacre


Jul 26, 2013

#525 Beer & BBQ run 2013 7 20

Present: Sushi Cow Girl, Chainsaw Assacre, Whiny The POO, Suck My Gumballs, Psychodrunk, Permission 2 Cum Aboard, NFN’s Kazumi, Yuka
Hare: Texas T-Bag

So it was a good gathering for the hash, 8 hashers + the hare. The start of Huis Ten Bosch Station was a familiar trodden ground we have all been to before. Yes including big time back slider Whiny The POO.

Hare away, so much for staying in the shade as it were. So as it were that Psychodrunk & SMG took off up the stairs before the 12 minutes, citing the need of using the bathroom. So after the 12 minutes passed it was hounds away:

Intersection at the top of the stairs was the obvious path to take across the bridge. On-On towards the main attractions of the Dutch settlement. But across the parking lot starting towards the grandmaster’s residence. Weaving and bobbing thru traffic at a parking lot exit was chainsaw cutting across back and forth to be seen by the rest of the pack. Upon a running jump start it looked like he was gonna leap over onto the other side, but instead nearly fell into the ditch.

A sharp right turn before the main entrance took us out to the main drag. Then across the street and up to some stairs. On-On was the usual front runners, O’er the river and thru the woods to the hash house we go.

Moving right along the pack came up unto a loop around, that of which Texas T-bag is known for At which point was where Chainsaw & SMG were lost and shortcut back to the start. As it turned out from the intersection now there the proper path was straight from where the loop ended. Leading further up the mountain.

To which a roadkilled snake was found. Somebody had the bright idea to circle it in chalk w/ “Don’t Tread On Me” (way to late as it were) Also a head on a pole (Head, who said head?) I however digress. Thus at which point of the finish, where all but CA/SMG was there.

Super short circle was conducted (22 minutes precisely) On-On to the Hotel Lorelei onsen then Hotel Nikko for Nomihodai / Tabehodai Yaki Niku. Did everybody see chainsaw down his draft beer in 5 seconds, cause he will not be doing that anytime soon.

Chainsaw Assacre

Jul 25, 2013

 #524 Academic Run  2013 714
Present: Texas T-Bag, Sushi Cowgirl, Beaver Fister, Chainsaw Assacre
Hare: Psychodrunk

I wasn’t quite sure how this hash would go. Suspecting a small turnout, but sort of surprised that there was 4. Longer of a train ride than SMG’s previous trail we hopped off @ (大学駅) University Station. A Sasebo HHH 1st as it were.

To what point and purpose was it dubbed the Academic run I still pondered. As it turns out that (大学駅) was the stop nearby the Prefecture University for (長崎) Nagasaki.

Off topic am I, At the start here comes our gracious beer stop hostess, and bag storage attendee. Upon the conclusion of the pre-game beer, it was hares away. 12 minutes later it was the hounds, then 3 minutes the race was on, or hot pursuit if you prefer.

On-On thru around and over the 1st rice paddy, unto a BT. But that didn’t stop chainsaw from hopping the ditch then the guard rail to get right back on track. Moving along while dodging traffic and ditch drop offs we followed the “scent”.

Up to a fork on the hill SCG went right, Chainsaw went left, Beaver was stationary, and I can only figure that T-Bag was short cutting as usual. On-On was chainsaw, got so far out in front, he was all by his lonesome.

Even up unto the 1st beer stop where as he didn’t even get a beer!!! (SAY IT ISNT SO) Pressing forth, to the shaggy. Hence to the pack’s surprise there was not very much thereof, or stairs for that matter.

Hot as hell, it can only be imagined that Chainsaw was delirious as he did not make his usual pack arrows. It were so hot that Chainsaw stopped by the waterfall for a bird bath where he had a would be near  fatal encounter w/ a mamushi (まむし).

At the near summit of MT Yumihari, was the 2nd beer stop where Beaver Fister met up w/ chainsaw. After a few refreshing brews the 2 hounds pressed on down the mountain. About 2/3 of the way down, There was the hare snare. (Chainsaw tagged the hare on the bus stop sign).

Noteworthy infractions: CA for not drinking a beer at stop #1, BF & Psychodrunk for use of nerd names, hmm what else?

Chainsaw Assacre
#523 Patriotic  Bar 2 Bar   2013 7 6
Present: Psychodrunk, Sushi Cow Girl, ODS, Suck My Gumballs, Texas T-Bag,
Late Cummers: Chainsaw Assacre, Aussie Chakura, Captain Jack Swallows, Ballerina Boo Boo
Hare(s) / Bars:
(1)    ODS: Anchor Club
(2)    Psycho Drunk: Akekiyo (明清
(3)    Chainsaw: Bunny Bar
(4)    Sushi: Tequila Bar
(5)    Texas T-Bag: Playmates
(6)    SMG / CA : After 5
(7)    CJS / AC: Tamo Tako
(8)    Psychodrunk: Bar Vent
(9)    Psychodrunk : Sasaya
(10) Sushi: Park Slope

On- Away to the damn rain that was on and off earlier in the day, it was that of which prompted cancellation of the scheduled trash pickup.  Voted on by the Kangaroo Court members initially present. SO it would be as established, that ODS would hare 1st.
Hare away ODS would chalk his way to Anchor, where aplenty of beer to drink and darts to throw were in the mix. Thus included with other sorts of debaucheries.

Psychodrunk was erected to go next, While the hounds were following the loop around beaten trail as it were this be where Chainsaw entered into the fray. This was enroute to ____________. Our suspicion was that Pyschodrunk was starved. Having already eaten  dinner. Chainsaw Assacre took the chalk to blaze trail while the others were eating.

Said trail was not to hard to follow, quite predictable actually. More to Follow on that. Keeping with the Patriotic theme, Bar #4 was Bunny bar and raher a good choice considering that the barmaids were in traditional wear of Yukata. To boot ODS, made mention that Chainsaw cost him 100¥. All be it the start of a new Bar 2 bar tradition of wagering on where the next hare goes? We shall see. I vote in favor of mind you.

Following up Sushi cow girl was next up, which took us to tequila bar in Lil Manila as I like to refer to it. Thus where latecummers Captain & Aussie joined in. Next bet was placed. Texas T-Bag away.

Playmates was the choice as It was to T-bag’s surprise that either snowball and / or Flash Flower remembered him. Chainsaw won the wager, in turn he used the prize for his beer. CJS / Aussie took were erected next as they took us to Tamo tako .

The rest being a blur after Ballerina Boo-Boo joined us, Psycho went for 8 and 9 to bar vent then Bamboo House. Sushi Then took us to Park slope for swing low and more beer. 10 Bars in total and wild debaucherous times aplenty were had. All in all it was a good night. 

Chainsaw Assacre

#522    2013  6  30  Sushi Pick Up Jackpot Run

Present: ODS, Cliffhanger, Sushi Cow Girl, Beaver Fister,
1st Hare: Sushi (Cliffhanger)
2nd Hare: CH /  Sushi
Latecummer: Chainsaw Assacre, Psychodrunk

On this hot as hell day, Chainsaw decided to sleep in, or did he? Anyhow I digress. As it is unimportant now. Chainsaw eventually got there & joined up w/ the pack along 35. Thru the sweltering, sweating & otherwise miserable humidity we found our way across the 4 way overpass.

Passing the post office then up some stairs to the Thai restaurant, where there was no beer stop to make up for the absent minded blunder of the highball stop. For shame on you Sushi. Moving right along, It was finally going downhill or so we thought. Thru the shiggy? Unfortunately, not this time.

It wasn’t too long before the hounds were lead past a shrine & a storm runoff which looks like a makeshift waterfall, and a bathroom that allegedly had no TP. For more details ask ODS. (The old Brown Dog went pppphhhhtttt up against the wall) 

From that point we noticed, cliffhanger trying to signal us, but we could not make out what he was saying, so we made it look like we was walking away to see which way he was saying to go. Right then, as it were or rather something like that, Beaver & Chainsaw moving right along passing hotel Cara, where the idea was mentioned for renting out the hot tub on the roof & throwing a party.

On-On, It was noticed that in vicinity of ???  Hospital was where Cliffhanger had snared the hare. But elected to co hare as he was not so familiar with the part of Sasebo he was in. As BF and Chainsaw descended the mountain, we  noticed that none of the intersections were marked. To the above reason was noted as to why.

So as it turns out ODS did not just short cut back to the park as we had suspected. However to make note of another occurrence, It was beaver fister who noticed Captain Jack Swallows and who we suspected was Aussie Chakra. Much to our dismay they did not join us.

Shortly thereafter It was none other than Psychodrunk to join us. For the rest of Down Downs. During of which we were invited to a party @ Golf Bar Lagg for the on-on. Which turned out to be an enjoyable experience for all.

Far from professional golfers we are, but that didn’t stop us from having a food drink and an otherwise good time all around. Note to Chainsaw Assacre: IT”S A GOLFBALL, NOT A HOCKEY PUCK!!!

Chainsaw Assacre

#521 Hasher TV Run  2013 6 23

Present: BMW, TTB, CA, SMG, Romanian Steamer, Golden Steamer, Beaver Fister, SCG, Happy SM, Aussie Chakura, Captain Jack Swallows,
Hare: Psychodrunk   Sasebo TV MC: Sphincter
Snare: Beaver Fister
Latecummer: ODS

On-On we gather here today for the join in debaucheries that is the Sasebo Hash House Harriers, and free press from Sasebo TV also. Imagine that. More to Follow on that later.

Live from Kitasasebo, it’s Hashers night live!!! From the start as Psychodrunk looked all out of sorts during the initial interview, it was noted that he forgot to place a no blow in front of them cemetery. As he took off of course we all attempted to use the various tactics to delay the hare to no avail.

On-On and off the beaten downtrodden path to somewhat un hashed streets as it were, we were moving along thru CB’s BT’s and true trails aplenty. Whoops, I almost forgot to mention the shortcutters. Shame on me.

Progressing up and down the mountain thru residential streets and so forth, the pack came upon an intersection that we eventually figured out lead into the 1st shaggy patch. Little did we suspect that at the top of the hill was the camera-crew was there to “bushwhack” the pack, so to speak.

Further around the bend was the next shaggy path where some have already been before going the opposite direction. Also having a near fall to death. Where the climb up the concrete was steep and slick from the rain we pursued. Down Down the other side of shaggy was the beaten path where Chainsaw spotted the wascawwy wabbit, but got sidebarred on the street down thru the tunnel and lost was the hare.

Thus was not the case for beaver, he eventually snared the hare at a would be CB. Closely behind was chainsaw. As the 5 minute had elapsed it was On-On again towards Central Sasebo, thru a nearby shrine up towards the observatory, or so we thought.

As the main concentration of hounds made their way towards the finish at Nimitz, we encountered the TV crew again. On-in for the BEER!!! Finished was most of the hashers except for say you Romanian Steamer, who we thought went back to the start.

Noteworthy infractions: Chainsaw: smoking in circle / trail, nearly falling down the mountain side again! Losing sight of the hare. ODS: smoking in circle, Sphincter, BMW, ODS, Pink Sausage etc… backsliders, ODS: latecummer, Happy SM: for disconnecting the mic from the camera.

Noteworthy praise: Texas T-bag for the excellent homebrew.

Chainsaw Assacre



May 23, 2013

#508 Hanami Run Part II 2013 3 24

Present: Chainsaw Assacre, Psychodrunk, Happy SM, Captain Jack Swallows, Whiny The POO, “Sky” Rim-job, Sushi Cow Girl, Freeball Friday, Permission 2 CUM Aboard, NFN Carlos (Virgin)
Guests: Goes Both Ways & NFN Jeremy
Hare: Texas T-Bag

Was quite an un-fashionable turn out for a nice spring afternoon. Gathered @ Nimitz Park USO, the usual scene of the Crime. Mind you this was an ad lib plan for the cherry blossom run, which is hared by our flounder. Never you mind that this time.

Hare Away: Thus forth we wait the standard 12 minutes. Hounds away, And sure enough It was “Sky”  Rim-Job who took off running before the 3 minutes was up. “Say it isn’t so” moving right along, Cross the bridge, we are temporarily lost.

Prior to regaining the trail, Sushi Cow Girl runs off only to have Happy SM & Captain Jack Swallows repeatedly yelling out “Sushi” Hearing this the local non-hashers heard this looking at the ladies like they lost there mind. SCG who had inadvertently veered off into sake town.

While the rest of the pack, was waiting at the city bus. 7 stops or was it 2? Unimportant now in hindsight I suppose. Except for whiny, who could not seem to find the right stop. More to follow on that.

Shortly after the bus stop, it was chainsaw who is a habitual short-cutter disappeared, thusforth to be the 1st hasher to the beer stop. So as  NFN Carlos & NFN Erik? Are speed racing along check out the scenery, followed by Psycho & Chainsaw, but not before NFN Erik lost his dip can in the river.

Up the winding mountain road was the NFN speed racer went, up & over & thru down on to what I am guessing was private property, down the road, where NFN Erik? Had caught up to our devious hare, at a CB3, however he did not have the frame of his ½ mind to tag. (Nor did Psychodrunk for that matter)

Chainsaw however did. Shortly thereafter Sushi caught up with us speed racers. Hounds away again, later on down the line. Down around the bend Chainsaw heard hare snare yelled out by Psychodrunk which turned out to be a false alarm.

Shortly thereafter was the finish. A group of Japanese locals observing the cherry blossoms joined us for a few beers, This where Psycho had failed to convince them to join the hash. Other Noteworthy violations: “Sky”Rim-Job for running before the 3 minutes. Psycho on a false accusation of new shoes, & Whiny for the wrong bus & new shoes.

Chainsaw Assacre

Mar 26, 2013

#507 Hash Trash 2013 3 24 Whiny’s by Proxy Pick Up

Present: Chainsaw Assacre, Psychodrunk, Beaver Fister, Whiny The POO, “SKY” Rim-Job, NFN Scott
Hares / Snares:
#1 Whiny / SkyRim-job : BF / CA / NFN Scott
#2 Whiny / NFN Scott: BF / CA
#3 Beaver Fister / Chainsaw Assacre
#4 Chainsaw Assacre-  To the Sort Of Finish
Late-Cummer(s) : Captain Jack Swallows, Pai Pan, NFN Yukiko

So there we were, having returned to a regular “Scene of the Crime” so to speak. But where is Chainsaw? Hmmm a very intriguing question to say the least. Moving right along, Hare(s) away Whiny & “Sky” Rim-job took off, but then shortly after Chainsaw appeared. The debauchery was to be continued as usual.

12 Minutes has elapsed, hounds away to the 1st intersection going up towards the back side of Sogo Hospital. False trail was heir apparent, thus leading across the bridge towards champion. The pack regrouped about the intersection across from the sun plaza entrance. Chainsaw went left to discover a CB3 leading back to the intersection, say it isn’t so!!

Across 35, thru a shrine onto thru a shrine towards a side road where there was a hash flash aplenty. Across the street towards the ball fields Chainsaw found an on 2 then nothing more. Thus having to cut thru the go kart track to rejoin the pack.

On-On to the top of the hill thru some shaggy leading up to a temple entrance where the hares were spotted along 35. As the speed racing pack hauled ass towards the hares, while playing “frogger”  Caught up to the the rabbits. CA / BF / NFN Scott properly recognized for this honor.

Whiny tried to pawn off the chalk to somebody else, but no dice. “Sky”-rim however did switch out as it was Hares away a 2nd time. To their credit they did find a phantom (working) beer machine. With 4 different sizes of Asahi.

As the pack proceeded towards the top of (やまゆみはり), Chainsaw had found a spent shotgun shell (20 guage). Then Beaver Fister who had spotted the hares, but was made as he took off,  snatching up NFN Scott & Chainsaw snatching up Whiny.

Beaver Fister took over and what was supposed to be 10 minutes, which turned out to be 7, with 3 minutes of walking. This devious rabbit got us on a BT from an intersection. Leading us up towards the summit of (やま しょうかんだけ) Thru the winding path lead to an intersection where Chainsaw would short cut around, to beat the rest of the pack to snare Beaver Fister.

Noteworthy happenings: Chainsaw found the shotgun shell, “Sky” rim-job, NFN Scott, whiny for near death on & off trail. Psychodrunk & Chainsaw for spilling beer, Chainsaw for shortcutting, all the ladies for being late-cummers: Chainsaw & NFN Scott for gaining an Iwakuni Name & NFN Scott who was voted to retain his Iwakuni name of “Permission To CUM Aboard” Last but not least, WTP/SRJ/NN Scott for getting lost.

Chainsaw Assacre

Mar 13, 2013

#500 Hash Trash 2013 2 10 Anal-versary run

Present: Suck My Gumballs, Chainsaw Assacre, Pedo-Kazu, e-kimochi, Romanian Steamer, Tur-cocka-tron, Whiny The POO, Texas T-bag, Akage, Captain Jack Swallows, Sphincter, NFN’s Tim, Elmo & Yukiko.
Hare (s): Psychodrunk , Sphincter, Texas T-Bag
Late cummers: Happy Sm, Spongebath No Pants

            It was quite a fashionable gathering for the not so usual bunch of misfits, a grand turnout of 15. It was the long anticipated event of the Sasebo kennel “hash”tory & it was epic, well sort of.

            Gathering just below the Huis Ten Bosch station was the pack to discover the last minute change of plans. That being our very own GM was partaking as co-hare. It was a usual route to start out to say the least, but as we looped around back to the start to find Sphincter was allegedly captured by T-bag. Along comes chainsaw in pursuit of Psychodrunk to lead across the bridge towards what we all thought was gonna be the free zone.

            Guess again. Turns out we were cutting thru the parking lot heading, head who said head…. Anyhow before going off on a tangent, Tur-cocka-tron & chainsaw Was again on the wrongside of the river as the devious bastard psycho had crossed the bridge looping around a playground.

            There we noticed Texas, short-cutting as usual was seemingly lost, as TCT & I were catching up we noticed the grandmaster waving at us from across the river. Maybe that was part of Psychodrunk’s plan all along. Further along was a pair of abandoned bicycles where Chainsaw decided to leave a message for Pedo not to steal them.

            A lil while later TCT & Chainsaw caught up with T-bag @ a boob check, where he allegedly been waiting for nearly 15 minutes, so we all decided to remedy that knowing that the b-iatches were @ least a ½ hour behind.

            Thru the shaggy maze past all the towers & down to the sake stop, Texas & TCT  decided to draw a chalk outline & Chainsaw thoughtfully included (しにがみ) (reaper) pointing towards the chalk outline. After the sake stop, Psycho took off again only to be discovered hunched over in agony. Fake injury we decided. So Texas T-bag took over as the hare & was soon caught by SMG & TCT.

            Thus forth SMG had fucked off. Only T-bag, TCT & chainsaw would finish the nearly 20k trail as the rest auto-hashed. Other noteworthy violations: Well who could say?

Chainsaw Assacre

Jan 19, 2013

Hash Trash 2013 January 19 #497 Suck My Gayballs Run

Present: Texas T-Bag, OCDD, Chainsaw Assacre, NFN’s Patrick, (virgins) Mark, Shawn
Hare(s): Suck My Gumballs, Akage
Latecummer: Captain Jack Swallows

          So there we were, no bullshit. A rather nice day out, hell any day is a good hashing day. For all in attendance was the infamous half minds gathering in Nimitz park. Same bat time, same bat channel it was. As it would turn out to be a sadistic trail going up towards Mt Eboshidake,

          Hares away, as the standard 12 minutes we wait, to take off. Hounds away to an intersection. By the USO. Veering right as we thought it would go only to find a BT on the bridge. Texas Got it right, whereas we thought he was shortcutting from the jump.  Ehh wrong answer.

          Back on track to the stairs going towards Mt Yumihari confused briefly by an intersection from last week, the pack soon after found the way. Leading out by the Elephant store where there was brief confusion again, but not for long as trail led crossing 35 to a CB5 leading up some more stairs.

          Damn these devious hares to lead us up to an observatory to see a the 1st violation of a checkback to a true trail arrow, say it isn’t so!! On-On down to the street up and across the ball field then on to the 1st beer stop, where we noticed, that NFN Shawn was nowhere to be seen. Oh shit, another abandoned virgin!!

        A breath of relief as NFN Shawn made his way to the beer stop. Apparently he paid attention in “class” a term used loosely as really being chalk talk and the fact half minds lacking in the class department.

          Moving up MT Eboshidake, we passed by Hotel Cara, but where the hell was the whistle check? This didn’t stop Chainsaw, as he did anyway. No luck on naked people coming to the window this time. Moving right along he did to the 2nd beer stop just in time for hash flash. But passing on free beer!! (Say it isn’t so)

          Noteworthy violations: Chainsaw for Shortcutting, passing on the beer stop, allegedly making up the story of catching the hare. SMG & Akage for no whistle check. Smoking in circle Chainsaw & NFN Shawn.  And of course Captain Jack Swallows for being a latecummer!



Chainsaw Assacre

Jan 13, 2013

Hash Trash 2013 January 13 #496 Captain Steamer Run

Present: Psychodrunk, Free ball Friday, Suck My Gumballs, Beaver Fister, Akage, Sushi Cowgirl, Chainsaw Assacre, Daddy’s Porn Star, NFN’s Patrick & Young-Suk.
Hare(s): Romanian Steamer & Captain Jack Swallows.
Snare: Free Ball Friday

        1300 on a beautiful hashing day at Nimitz park, a slight breeze to freeze the cajones off of assembled hashers, Chainsaw Assacre, Sushi Cowgirl, Freeball Friday, Suck My Gumballs, Beaver Fister and a long lost Daddys Porn Star as we all waited for the hares Russian Steamer (or is it Romanian; I don't remember, Ive slept and drank since then) and captain jack swallows who of course were late to greet the hounds.

They even asked for more time to start trail. Once greetings were given soon enough the hares were called away and the hashers waited and waited and waited to be set loose. once free of the USO, the trail led up the hill toward the mushroom stand. Lo and behold an intersection, trail was quickly found and the hounds were off toward the stage through what was unfortunately the only bit of mud we were to see on that run.

          The trail slowly wound its way through Sasebo's lovely residential district, there were even several dogs to cheer us on our hunt for the hares. Many many intersections later near the town hall, Freeball Friday and DPS were standing at the latest in a chain of intersections talking about absolutely nothing of importance when Freeball Friday jumps up and bolts toward an alley, DPS sprinted after him as he jumps over crates and the occasional cat through the narrow alley and pulls out none other than romanian steamer and the captain trying to crawl deeper into the alley.

Many minutes of trash talking followed at the hares being caught not by the front runners but the ones lagging behind. Once the abuse was dealt, the hares were off (asking for more time again) they were quickly found by the returning front runners.

          Chainsaw Assacre and Beaver Fister as they wandered into the friendly neighborhood supermarket to which the rest of the hounds gathered for their beverage of choice. As we finished the last of our drinks, it was noted that Chainsaw Assacre ran off again not even enjoying a beverage with his fellow hashers. With the trial gone cold, it took many RU's and blind wandering to find true trail which led to a winding trail which slowly led the hounds back toward nimitz park.

 Of course the front runner had already cracked open his beverage of choice as the last bastard (NFN Patrick) marked his name down at the finish then had to walk toward the patio where the down downs were to be held.  During the Down Down, many false accusations and many a brew were had before deciding to run a second leg. Daddys Pornstar and Freeball Friday decided to be lazy bastards and sit drinking the beer with romanian Steamer and Captain Jack Swallows.

On On,


Daddy’s Porn star

Jan 1, 2013

Hash Trash 2013 January 1 Run #494 New Year Hangover Psycho Path

Survivors of the New Year’s Eve run gathered for an early start to run #494 at Nimitz Park.  Moments before the scheduled start, it was raining and the temperature was a mere 3C.  The weather was cold and wet, but just as city sirens marked noon, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds.  Hashers present were Psychodrunk, Chainsaw Assacre, Free Ball Friday, AKAGay, SMG, Ju-On and his nephew NFN Tenma, and a visiting Nagoya H3 harriett by the name of Daikon-Do-Me.
As usual, Psychodrunk promised to hare a flat, short trail with a beer stop that included actual free beer a beer stop.  However he neglected to qualify his statement, by adding it would be the shortest, flattest trail “of 2013”.
From the USO, the trail headed straight out the main entrance of Nimitz Park and crossed International Boulevard where Pscyho placed an intersection.  True trail headed north towards the expressway entrance, then veered west along the north edge of Dragon Vale housing.  After ascending the long stairway next to the expressway entrance, Psycho took true trail west for several hundred meters of Imafuku-Cho and then the long climb began in earnest.  The trail followed several stairways and sidewalks upward, before leveling out at the Ubud Love Hotel.   From there the trail went westward on the main road for almost 1km and suddenly took a sharp right and plunged into the forest. 
Wet rocks and muddy soil made for a slippery trail, but gradually the pack followed it upward.  Daikon Do Me, Chainsaw, and Ju-On’s nephew led the pack through this shiggy, past abandoned terraces and home sites in the forest.  Much of the ascent was spent on open forest terrain, with only toilet paper serving as the guide.  With the wet conditions, pulling yourself up by grabbing on tree branches was critical.  Many hashers slipped and suffered hash gash, a muddy bum, or spilled minor blood on trail.  After about 45 minutes of a steady upward climb, the trail suddenly emerged from the shiggy at the base of the Mt. Yumihari Observation Platform. 
The beer stop actually existed as promised.  Psycho’s cooler was stocked with ice cold Yebisu at the end of one of the Yumihari observation decks.  Much of the wooden walkway was covered with a few millimeters of snow, and occasional snow flurries pelted the pack with snow pellets as they enjoyed their beer.
From the observation deck, the trail traveled north over the summit of Yumihari by the old artillery battery, then back down to the north parking lot.  At this point, the FRBs did a really shitty job of clearing an intersection, but after a few minutes your humble correspondent was able to find the true trail leading down an improved hiking trail to the northeast.   Other hashers apparently were less determined.
Unconfirmed reports indicate that AKAGay crossed through the park at the summit of Mt Yumihari, but upon seeing that the trail again plunged back into the forest, he, Ju-On, and Free Ball Friday decided to investigate other options to finish the run.  They walked to the Yumihari Hotel, and found that there was a free bus.  The only catch was that a minimum purchase was needed for the free ride.  They soon discovered that the hotel’s onsen spa was only 600 Yen, and decided to soak in the warm rejuvenating waters.  Meanwhile, back at Sasebo Park, SMG, Chainsaw, Psycho, Texas and NFN Tenma were standing out in the cold waiting for the DFLs to return.
On the way down from Yumihari, Psychodrunk let a much more civilized trail, keeping the trail mostly on paved roads.  Eventually, he took the trail back into the neighborhoods above the expressway entrance, descending along narrow sidewalks and stairways.    A few hundred meters above the expressway interchange, he laid one intersection too many, resulting in a hare snare.  Chainsaw and the NFN Tenma came across this intersection, snaring Psychodrunk as he returned from laying a false trail.
The pack followed the trail back to Sasebo Park without further incident, arriving at 1400.  As for the DFLs, they arrived at the finish at 1530.  Swing low was at 1600, followed by an OnOn party in Yonkacho.
OnOn, Texas T-Bag