Dec 16, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 December 16 Run #491 Hangover Psycho Ball Buster Run

Present: Straight Edge, Sushi Cow Girl, Suck My Gumballs, Captain Jack Swallows, Happy SM, Chainsaw Assacre,  NFN’s Yukiko  & Dylan
Hare: Psychodrunk
Snare: Sushi Cowgirl
Once upon a midnight dreary, no make that a semi cold December afternoon in Sasebo Japan.  Haiki Station to be specific gathered 8 half-minds (hashers) for what would turn out to be a grueling & shitty trail. I mean that literally, but more on that story at 11.
It all began as Psycho took off for his allotted 12 minutes, chalk talk was skipped but for some uncertain reason, which eludes me to this day.  Never mind it’s of no importance. All 7 half-minds took off exiting the station & taking a right turn onto a BT.
Trail was eventually picked up again, going the opposite direction, in fact directing towards a bridge leading us to the other side of the river, quoth the hashers “fuck me more”. Sure thing as Psychodrunk would oblige.
Thru woodlands, farmlands & streets, and to previously un hashed sections of Sasebo City. There was even a construction site & stairs some more. Goddammit Psycho was a’ traipsing whore.  Quoth the Hashers  “ Fuck me more”
On-On passing thru nearby rice paddies we go, up the mountain down the valley here come the paddy wagon & the police, Maybe from habit or she was startled by the rabbit. Happy sorted out the mess  and offered the police to join as our guests. Following the lead thru the gates & back to the street, quoth the hashers “fuck me more”
To the hare’s dismay, Sushi came out and snared you today; Would have probably been done again if not for the random CB you left that way Quoth the hare “Fuck me more”. Long ways to the finish, SMG got a lil skittish, literally backsliding down a driveway,  who’s up for a neck injury this day? Quoth the hashers “Fuck Me More”
All possible electrocution hazards aside, cum join us on this wild ride of near slip n slides or nearly falling off the mountain and taking Death’s ride. Even the cows joined in on the insanity, cow pies & vanity this way.  Quoth the hashers “Fuck us more”
All in, sort of for here comes Psycho and the pack came a rapping, rapping @ Sphincter’s chamber door, Some visitor entreating entrance upon the chamber door to interrupt the games of shogi  for long lost  hashers came a rapping, rapping upon the GM’s chamber door

Chainsaw Assacre