May 23, 2013

#508 Hanami Run Part II 2013 3 24

Present: Chainsaw Assacre, Psychodrunk, Happy SM, Captain Jack Swallows, Whiny The POO, “Sky” Rim-job, Sushi Cow Girl, Freeball Friday, Permission 2 CUM Aboard, NFN Carlos (Virgin)
Guests: Goes Both Ways & NFN Jeremy
Hare: Texas T-Bag

Was quite an un-fashionable turn out for a nice spring afternoon. Gathered @ Nimitz Park USO, the usual scene of the Crime. Mind you this was an ad lib plan for the cherry blossom run, which is hared by our flounder. Never you mind that this time.

Hare Away: Thus forth we wait the standard 12 minutes. Hounds away, And sure enough It was “Sky”  Rim-Job who took off running before the 3 minutes was up. “Say it isn’t so” moving right along, Cross the bridge, we are temporarily lost.

Prior to regaining the trail, Sushi Cow Girl runs off only to have Happy SM & Captain Jack Swallows repeatedly yelling out “Sushi” Hearing this the local non-hashers heard this looking at the ladies like they lost there mind. SCG who had inadvertently veered off into sake town.

While the rest of the pack, was waiting at the city bus. 7 stops or was it 2? Unimportant now in hindsight I suppose. Except for whiny, who could not seem to find the right stop. More to follow on that.

Shortly after the bus stop, it was chainsaw who is a habitual short-cutter disappeared, thusforth to be the 1st hasher to the beer stop. So as  NFN Carlos & NFN Erik? Are speed racing along check out the scenery, followed by Psycho & Chainsaw, but not before NFN Erik lost his dip can in the river.

Up the winding mountain road was the NFN speed racer went, up & over & thru down on to what I am guessing was private property, down the road, where NFN Erik? Had caught up to our devious hare, at a CB3, however he did not have the frame of his ½ mind to tag. (Nor did Psychodrunk for that matter)

Chainsaw however did. Shortly thereafter Sushi caught up with us speed racers. Hounds away again, later on down the line. Down around the bend Chainsaw heard hare snare yelled out by Psychodrunk which turned out to be a false alarm.

Shortly thereafter was the finish. A group of Japanese locals observing the cherry blossoms joined us for a few beers, This where Psycho had failed to convince them to join the hash. Other Noteworthy violations: “Sky”Rim-Job for running before the 3 minutes. Psycho on a false accusation of new shoes, & Whiny for the wrong bus & new shoes.

Chainsaw Assacre