Nov 8, 2013

#537 Halloween Bar 2 Bar                           1 11
Present: Chainsaw Assacre(Scottish Pirate Captain Greaves)  “Sky” Rim-job (Bane w/o Respirator) , Lil Steamer (Witch) Suck My Gumballs  Romanian Steamer, Whiny The POO, Bloody Dobby (Scary enough as themselves)
Hare / Bar
#1 SMG – Anchor
#2 CA – Bunny
#3 WTP / SRJ: Jumble (Snared by SMG)
#4 CA – New Makati
#5 SMG – Playmates
#6 CA – Love Doll (RENAMING)

It was scary frightening or just downright creepy as the hashers assembled, well sort of on a frigid Friday night (November 1st) actually. Wait not on Halloween? Really? Oh hell Samhain is gonna get us next year for that. I digress The 1st by-proxy hare was SMG waiting at the usual scene of the crime for nothing as it were.

To anchor we go; or just meet up there. After beers a plenty, we move along to bunny for beer pong aplenty as the kangaroo court unanimously votes to rename “Bloddy Dobby” More to Follow on that. Compete as we did, @ beer pong (say it isn’t so!!) SMG defeats BD in game 1 Chainsaw & Whiny cums from behind to defeat “Sky” Rim-Job & Russian Steamer. Sky & Whiny take the chalk to supposedly blaze a trail to Jumble.

You fools said it too loud; then wind up spending the entire 5 minutes standing at the corner to be snared by SMG. So on-on to Jumble as it were, where SMG was noticed missing & presumed to gotten by the boogie man!! Chainsaw was hares away to New Makati where we see SMG alive and well. Was all well & good until the elderly crowd came in.

SMG was on to the next bar; short n easy to playmates where debauchery aplenty took place. All the BS aside It was on to #6 for the renaming of “Bloody Dobby” There was only the  Steamers, Chainsaw, & Gumballs to deliberate the eligible candidates.  Hanger Banger, Slobby Dobby DOO, & Bloody T-Bag to name a few. But were those good enough? HELL NO!!! “Bloody Dobby” Henceforth & Forever More you shall be known As Jump My Ass / JMA for short. As the renaming hath concluded there was no more business to conduct therefore on-on to swing low.

The good news is that Halloween / Samhain is on Friday next year, so hopefully the turnout & the costumes will be much more better.

Chainsaw Assacre