Dec 20, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 December 12 RIVER SHORTCUT

The hashers attending today were Psychodrunk, Aka Gay, Texas 2.2, Texas T-Bag, Straight Edge, Sphincter, Juon, One Dog Sleeping, Sushi Cow Girl, Naga Suck Me, Meow Job, Pink Sausage, I Da Whore, NFN Brandon, Naga Suck Me, Pedo Kazu, Puppy Face Off, Snowball, Flash Flower and NFN Sachi. The hashers took the 1342 train from JR station to Diato, soon after arriving and conducting a hash flash hares (Psychodrunk) away was called and Sushi Cow Girl would conduct hash talk. 12 minutes later hounds away and would follow the trail in Psycho fashion and immediately go up the stairs and over the highway. After a short run on the road CB5 took the hounds into a parking lot and then the shiggy. The hounds would exit the shiggy on the opposite side of the hill and back into the streets. The trail would curve around many roads before going back into the shiggy and up more stairs. Down the road, up the hill, and right back into the shiggy. Here the hare left a map that Puppy Face Off would miss read (because the hare drew a bad map) and lead the hounds into the shiggy. After being scratched and chased by creatures of the woods the hounds would jump the fence find the trail and go up more stairs. Beer check would be in a playground where NFN Sachi was waiting to refresh the hounds, after a short time and pee on trail off the hounds would go. Running along the river I Da Whore decided to make a short cut and jumped in the river, Sushi Cow Girl would follow in hopes of getting a pocket full of fresh sushi! The short cut turned out to be not so short and these 2 hounds would catch the trail after searching and sniffing out the hare. Another playground is where the trail would end with NFN Sachi and Sphincter once again standing by to refresh the hounds. The hare would down down for many trail violations, drawing a bad map, and for laying an s-h-i-t-t-y t-r-a-i-l. Many hounds would down down for multiple imagined trail violations. The front running bastards, Texas 2.2 and Sushi Cow Girl (at the beer check) would down down and then Naga Suck Me for being the front running bitch (I think, it all gets a little fuzzy here?). Onon would take us to Gramophone and then to Makati where Happy SM would arrive in her usual late fashion. Onon Sushi Cow Girl

Nov 30, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 November 28 ALL AMERICAN HASH

The name says it all for this hash. The hashers were Follows Children (hare), One Dog Sleeping, Karaoke Porn Star, Sushi Cow Girl, Meowjob, Texas Tea Bag, and for a very brief showing Pink Sausage. Late cummers were Psychodrunk and Happy SM. The hash started from Nimitz Park late due to the hare cumming late. The hare made the fatal mistake of telling the hounds where the trail would end so we immediately called hare away before he made any more verbal mistakes. 12 minutes later hounds away were called. Yes, there were only American hounds/hare in the group today; all of our famed Japanese hashers are now backsliders! Not having the Japanese guidance available to help us navigate was definitely against us today. The trail would go past the Ginza and soon off into the hills on the far side of 35. Around the bend and thru the first of many playgrounds the trail would go (the hounds soon new why Follows Children got his name). After many intersections and check backs the trail would come back onto 35 where the hounds would see Texas Tea Bag up ahead, his keen senses had led him thru a short cut. TTB leading the way the rest of the hounds would follow. Soon the trail was headed up a hill with a +++> sign made from the white markings on the highway to show the way. Up around the corner, and past another playground the trail would go. Just a little farther and beer near was laid. Follows Children had gotten thirsty and led the hounds to the roof of his house for some well needed beer to replenished lost fluids. After looking over the modest view hares away was called and 11 minutes later hounds away. The hounds soon found the trail leading thru many sidewalks and intersections. Sushi Cow Girl would be the first to become lost by choosing the wrong direction at an intersection. But remembering what the hare had mistakenly told the hounds SCG would find a shortcut and be back on the trail ahead of the rest of the hounds. The rest of the hounds tried to follow his trail but due to SCG’s failure to mark properly the hounds would get off trail, but have no fear, they all remembered the hares mistake and would make there own shortcuts to Sasebo park! Down downs started with a f%#^off for TTB who was late for meeting Pink Sausage who decided not to run today. The hare then did down downs for his trail violations and admitting he was almost lost. There was more than on social called since all the hounds decided to make shortcuts vice follow the trail. The kangaroo court would vote and decide these shortcuts were not actual violations and are allowed but decided it is a good reason to call a social anyway. Swing low was call and the HHH would go in peace. Onon started at the kebab stand where Psychodrunk would meet us then lead us to The River Rock. Happy SM would find us here and lead us all to Playmates. The hounds started departing but a few would make their way to Makati for one last onon. We all hope to see more of our Japanese hashers next month as the kangaroo court voted the hash is much better with them cumming out with us. Onon Sushi Cow Girl

Hash Trash 2010 November 20 Bar-to-bar (no title)

As the late cummers came, the hash grew so that we took over every bar we went to. The Hashers were Sushi Cow Girl, Follows Children, One Dog Sleeping, Nagasuckme, Eye Full of (Eiffel) Penis, Meow Job, Puppy Face Off, Psychodrunk, NFN Mollie, NFN Alex, NFN Brandon, NFN Ryan, NFN Jessie and NFN Sachi. Meow Job was the hare for the first 5 bars. There were clearly not enough intersections, and the hounds did not get lost at all. However, after many BT's and question marks, Sushi Cow Girl was able to track Meow Job all the way to Dolphin's. There the hounds refreshed and then they were out the door again, getting lost on their way to Shooters. It was there that a wave of late cummers arrived, Eiffel Penis arrived with his virgins, and Follows Children brought his virgin. They tried to follow the trail, but as FC said "I lost the trail when I was at a four-way intersection where there were 3 question marks and a BT." Forced into "tech on trail," all hounds were united. From there we went off to our third bar, but Meow Job illustrated his great skill in counting and labeled it as our fourth. There is a reason, apparently, that it is only an Army of One. That did not stop the hounds, and we were off to Playmates were we ran into Snowball, Flash Flower, NFN Amy, and AKA Gay. After much rejoicing and hash drinking, Meow Job was off again. He led the hounds on an exceptionally short trail to Laguna, followed by Makati where he was fired from being the hare for too many hills and not enough intersections. Sushi Cow Girl was erected to lay the next trail after secretly scheming with Puppy Face Off. Sushi Cow Girl led us a block away to River Rock, were the hounds continued to drink and howl. Puppy Face Off was erected to lay the next trail with the assistance of Sushi Cow Girl. They successfully laid a trail where no bar to bar hash had gone before. Half out the door and half inside the bar, Sushi Cow Girl, in pure cinematic fashion, announced "ROADS!! Where were going, we don't need roads." They were off. The hounds had no problem following Puppy Face Off, as his bright yellow shirt lit up the night. It was no ordinary bar; it was Sasebo Park with 15 Chu Hi provided by Sushi Cow Girl. It was there that the hashers learned that it takes exactly 15 cans to make an ON ON arrow out of beer. Despite their best efforts, both hares were fired, and One Dog Sleeping led the pack to Polos. It was there that Puppy Face Off sang "Oh Darling" to Follows Children with helpful howling from the pack. With all the space, the whole group sat and drank, but that was not hashing fashion, it was on to the next bar. The hounds were off, but the run has turned into a stumble, arriving at Marie's II, we all enjoyed a few pitchers. Only after a game of pool, and songs, the hounds were off to Gramophone, It took four tables combined to seat the group. It was there that we were happy to see Happy SM, who was saving her voice if not her energy. After a toast, we were finally off to our final bar. It was at Bunny that we finally swung low, and the hash left in a drunken peace. Puppy Face Off

Nov 17, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 November 14 MIKAN TRAIL OF SAKE!

Hashers today were Texas T-Bag, Pink Sausage, Psychodrunk, Puppy Face Off, Naga Suck Me, Follows Children, Happy SM, Juon, One Dog Sleeping, Strike Out, AKA Gay, NFN Yuki, NFN Tony, NFN Stephen, Spincter, Sushi Cow Girl, Eiffel of Penis and late cummer Lesbian Butt Frower. The trail marks started at Huis Ten Bosch train station and led to the road where the hare, Texas-T-Bag, was waiting to brief the hounds. After a brief non-informative talk hares away was called and Texas-T-Bag was off. Pink Sausage would be the driver for today’s hash, the hounds did not yet know why, but before departing she offered us all a refreshing beverage. 12 minutes later hounds away were called and off the pack went along the river. The trail soon turned toward the mountain and the hounds began to search, after Happy SM checked the train tunnel the pack would find the trail leading up the stairs and across the road. Soon the trail was in the shiggy and going straight up the hill. After a few rock obstacles the hounds found themselves in the bamboo forest. Immediately it was obvious the bamboo resembled an Iowa cornfield because Sushi Cow Girl gracefully led the way! Down the mountain the trail would go and out onto a road. At the intersection once again Follows Children thinks he hears kids and bolts off in the wrong direction ahead of the pack. Before reaching the intersection Puppy Face Off would spot the hare heading up the next hill, after signaling the pack off we went. Puppy Face Off would catch up and have a hare snare at precisely 1445. The hounds would then give the hare 10 minutes and off we went. Soon the trail would lead into a Mikan grove and disappear, after a few minutes of searching the bad trail sign would be found under a rock, the hare was getting creative as to not get caught twice!! The true trail was shortly found on the road leading up the mountain and around many Mikan groves. Soon an unusual sign was found but Psychodrunk would inform the other hounds this was a sign for string beans that were growing next to the trail. Down the hill we would go into a parking lot where Pink Sausage was waiting with beer and directing all the hounds to take a tour of the Sake factory. The tour would end with free Sake tasting for all the hounds. Thinking this was the end, the hounds made sure to taste all the different types of Sake and get their fill. Then the hare informed us the second leg was about to begin and up the mountain we went. Again passing many Mikan groves until coming down the mountain and getting a tour of a cave that was built to house school kids during WWII. The trail would end close by at a park next to the train station where many down downs would be made and Sushi Cow Girl would get a ride on the local skunk. A special down down would be called for Strikeout who is leaving us in search of new hashes around the world. Also a NFN Stephen would be named MEOWJOB and then time to go to the train station. Swing low is called at the station just prior to the train arriving. Onon would be held at Playmates where Lesbian Butt Frower would join the hash and be re-named FLASH FLOWER. Also NFN Yuki would be named SNOWBALL. Onon Sushi Cow Girl

Nov 10, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 October 30 The Out of Control Halloween Bar-to-Bar

Typhoon No.14 was forecast to hit Sasebo this weekend, but we were spared with fare weather. The hare for this hash was One Dog Sleeping and his co-hare was NFN Steven. The hounds consisted of: Nagasuckme, Strike Out, A.K.A.Gay, Psychodrunk, NFN Tony, NFN Teddy, NFN Jeff, NFN Jesse and NFN Sachi. All participants showed up in various costumes, but un-expectantly it looked like a gay parade based on the costumes they picked. The entire group set out for a new starting point, Nagasuckme’s friend was holding a hail and farewell at their apartment near Matsuura Park. Soon after hares away was sounded and the hares were off. The first leg found the hounds once again in their favorite Ginza. The hounds leisurely walked through the Ginza giving out candy to astonished strangers. The trail turned towards 35 at the 7-11 and headed back towards sailor town. After a few intersections to slow the hounds even further the first stop took us to Blue J. Psychodrunk, a.k.a. Ninja arrived first, he actually ran. The remaining hounds arrived about 20 minutes later (2120). Hares away and the second leg found the hounds circling sailor town along the river. After hounding through a small dark alley the second stop, Paradise Island (21:35) was discovered. The third leg led back around sailor town past Makati bar to the right and ended at a new bar named River Rock (2155). Akagay was the first to arrive, only because he noticed the hares in the bar while he was checking an intersection. The remaining hares arrived a few minutes later. Spincter and Happy SM joined us here. The forth leg took us to Makati bar (2240), One dog sleeping had to give the girls change for the bar. Leg number 5 led us to Polo Bar (2308). Here is where the hounds became even more out of control and chaos was the new theme. Karaoke contests were held at almost all of the remaining stops. The virgins were out of control and ignored the advice of the almighty named hashers. Bar number 6 led us to Love Dolls where one of the workers were celebrating her birthday. Happy Birthday was sung by the hashers in hash style. Number 7 was an add on bar, The Westerner (0015), where Karaoke resumed. Bar 8 found us at Snack Rey. Bar 9 (it was getting a little fuzzy at this point, so there may be some errors in the order), Double A. Bar 10 led us to Wendy’s, a.k.a. Oceans, (0120). Bar 11 led us back towards Makati but unrepentantly ended at Laguna, right next door. Our final stop was Play Mates at (0215). A few of the hashers went for onon at Makati and ended their festivities at 0400. Fortunately there was no hash scheduled for the following day! The next hash is scheduled for Sunday November 14th. Onon One Dog Sleeping

Oct 23, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 October 10 Run Slower Than Molasses

Sooo we all started off at the train station by Micky Dee's, left on time, but as always Strike Out was looking around and saw that there was a concert coming up and pointed it out to Naga. After a lengthy train ride we all got out, and eventually got grouped together so Psycho persuaded a passerby to take a group picture. HARES AWAY, and off went Psycho. (Strike Out watched to see what direction he took to a least give the hounds a fighting start) After several wrong turns, One Dog Sleeping and Texas T-bag found the trail and led the rest. After a few confusing intersections, Texas T-bag seemed to have found the way, but kept going... Naga, One Dog, Pink Sausage, Stike Out and NFN Stephen were left to figure out where the trail went. After several steps up and down and some times through peoples yards, we found the right way and took off to make up lost time. Up through neighborhoods, winding roads and past a school where some of us almost got hit by passing cars, we went till we came to several rice fields that were just then being harvested. Of course Strike Out had to take more pictures and got further behind the process. After another "bad trail" we doubled back and headed further up hill, more farm land and vistas to take pictures of. We passed some sports recreation area, following the "true trail" that Texas T-bag had blazed for us, almost to the foot of the mountains. So the 5 of us (Naga, Pink Sausage, One Dog Sleeping, Strike Out and NFN Stephen walked for the most part back down the hill, (after much sex on trail by Naga, Pink Sausage and Strike Out... Unfortunately his camera batteries died right at the perfect moment, so there is no proof of this happening... ) Passing by the rice fields etc, till once again Strike Out stopped to take pictures of some road side flowers, when some guy beckoned him to come over to see his garden.... Well he has these things we dubbed as "dangly things" growing from an awning in his yard, then he led us out back, Pink Sausage acted as interpreter, and before we all left, Strike Out had a bag full of these things. Nice diversion, but it put us all behind, all in the name of cultural sharing I guess. We all continued down the hill back into town, dangly things in hand, but the fun wasn't over yet! Several more intersections and a few more pictures ended us at a small festival, with Psycho standing idly by, beer in hand waiting for the rest of us to show up. Naga got an ice cream/frozen ice thing... yummy, Strike Out needed water badly! We all hoped on the train for the rocking (literally) ride back into town. Down down was held outside Nimitz park as always, where we feasted on a variety of health food, oreos, chips and much beer. Since our song master wasn't present, we did the best we could and sang a few drinking songs... a few times over. When it was time for On-on, once again it was unanimously voted that we head to Nipp-olies. At this point Naga took off on us and we haven't seen her since : ( where she was missed at the On-on-on after supper (spend at Playmates where at last our song master Happy SM made an appearance!) On on +++> Strike Out

Sep 29, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 September 26 Trail Was Shitty But Beer Was Good

Sunday’s hash turned out perfect, perfect weather and an awesome trail to hash. Texas T-bag was the hare for this particular hash. Unfortunately for all of us Sasebo Hashers, Texas T-bag hared it Tokyo style, but of course our keen sense as hounds helped us overcome the many obstacles. The course started off at Sasebo’s main train station. We formed up and hopped the next train to Haiki Station, where we followed Tokyo style arrows to the starting point. Participants included: One Dog Sleeping, Strike Out, Happy SM (She finally decided to stop backsliding), Ju-On (late arrival with a hangover), Psychodrunk, Pedo-Kazu, Gingerbread Dildo, No Name Yuki (to be named at her next hash), and Muff Diver (A visitor from our sister city Albuquerque, who previously hashed in the Middle East). Pink Sausage also joined us, but she was in charge of transporting the spirits. Hare away was called and Texas T-bag set out to mark his puzzling Tokyo markings. 12 minutes was given for the hare to get a head (“Head! Who said Head…). The pack set out at the usual walking pace for an additional three minutes. After 3 minutes of walking we found ourselves completely confused with the Tokyo markings. No time to enjoy the scenic views, since we had to study the pavement puzzle. After a few Check Backs with no number, we started getting used to this foreign system. After many checkpoints and a Mario Brothers’ type river crossing, we found ourselves at the foot of a hill climb, marked Beer Near 70 meters. We set up the hill and after about 200 meters (I guess meters are longer in Tokyo), we arrived at the scenic beer check, Biasutopu Dam. We soon discovered a fellow hasher was nowhere in sight, Ju-On was running his own trail somewhere. Psychodrunk used Tech on Trail and called Ju-On by cell. Unfortunately when Ju-On came into sight he was on the wrong side of the river and had to back track to the crossing. After 25 minutes Ju-On arrived and we immediately called “Hounds Away”. After a long run down the mountain we crossed a rice field and spotted a message from the hare that said: De Ja Vu. We soon understood when we saw another rock crossing across the river. A leisurely city run brought us to a stairway to hell. After the long traverse up the stairs, we continued on to the finish and Psychodrunk, the front running bastard signed in at 1600. The hare finished at 1530 and was not caught thanks to Ju-On’s sight seeing detour. The circle was set and down downs began. Of course the hare drank for such a shitty trail. Two participants (Happy SM and Pedo-Kazu) would drink from their shoes, Happy for washing her shoes before the run and Pedo-Kazu for wearing new “Toilet” shoes. Gingerbread Dildo asked to be renamed, he said his name was too long, (or the dildo was too long, not sure). We asked a few questions and told the wanker to go away and the kangaroo court began. After tossing a few names around, only one stuck: Akagay. In Japanese this means Red hair as I understand, but being hashers, we gave it a little twist, so now and forever more, Gingerbread Dildo will be known as, “A.K.A.Gay”. Swing Low was sung and onon brought us to the Curry House, CoCo Ichibanya at 1800. After a nice plate of curry we decided the ononon would be Play Mates and we car pooled to our next beverage stand. Onononon for a few was Makati Bar. Onon, One Dog Sleeping

Sep 20, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 September 18 Bar To Bar Elitists

As expected the hash participation has plummeted. The members that gathered at Nimitz Park this night were: One Dog Sleeping, Nagasuckme, and Pyschodrunk. We waited a few minutes for more members to show, but no one happened along. One Dog Sleeping volunteered to hare the first leg of this bar-to-bar and hare away was called. The two remaining hounds waited the traditional 12 minutes and just before hounds away was called, DickMcSemen showed. The three hounds were off. An intersection was laid just before Albuquerque bridge. True trail crossed the bridge only to be met with another intersection on the opposite side. True trail went past Family Mart, then past Starbucks and up the Ginza toward Saki Town. Another intersection was set about halfway up the Ginza. True trail brought the pack through a small alley that led to 35, where another intersection awaited. The hare hinted that with such a small group, maybe he would find a small bar to stop at. The trail continued down 35 back towards sailor town. Many intersections were met and the pack crossed 35 a couple times. Now the trail was going toward the City Hall, but another intersection was set and the trail turned left and winded around with many intersections. Finally as the pack passed Shooters, a “Beer Near” was detected. With an intersection in front of playmates, Psychodrunk immediately headed to Makati Bar, where a “Finish” was marked. The door flew open only to discover there was no hare? Backtracking to the last intersection, the pack discovered the true finish to be Polo Bar. This discovery was made one hour after the hounds left Nimitz Park. The finish in front of Makati was an old marking. After a short rest at Polo, One Dog Sleeping volunteered for the second leg and hare away was sounded. The trail went past Napoli and into the Ginza again. The trail winded back to sailor town and the hounds discovered a beer near in the Snake (The alley with the majority of the sailor bars). Finish was finally discovered in front of Double A, the bar was Rose chicks. Third leg was also set by One Dog Sleeping, he asked for a 1 minute lead time. Hounds away was sounded and as the pack opened the door they discovered true trail across the alley and finish in front of Double A, (21:05). DickMcSemen was elected to hare the forth leg. Forth leg found the pack at Anchor Bar (21:25). Swimsinshit Joined the pack at this time. He is an old Sasebo Hasher that was on vacation from the states. The next legs are a little blurry for me, but I believe Psychodrunk led us to Playmates where Ju-on and his girlfriend were discovered. Ju-on and friend were elected to run the next leg. The hounds were away only to find a pretty shitty trail with a crossed out CB4 and other fouls. The trail eventually led us to Mos Burger. The next leg was set by Nagasuckme and Swimsinshit. This trail would wind around sailor town and end at Bounce. DickMcSemen was penalized for wearing new shoes once again. After straining his beer through his sock and into his shoe, he pursued with his downdown. Tonight’s hash was agreed upon to end at 24:00 since Psychodrunk and others had work. Onon led a few of the pack to Makati Bar for a nightcap. OnOn One Dog Sleeping

Aug 30, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 August 29 HANGOVER HASH!

Hangover hash started at 1400 to give the hounds a little time to recover from Happy SM! Birthday bar-to-bar. The Hare was Sushi Cow Girl with co-hare Puppy Faceoff. Starting from Nimitz park the hounds headed toward Albuquerque bridge just to find a Check Back that took them back past the USO building and out the other entrance of the park. An intersection was near the Naval Station main gate and it took the hounds a few minutes to find +++> which was on the base side of highway 11 going toward SSK. The trail would go straight and flat past SSK then head toward the tunnel, but that would be too much flat running so the hares laid trail up the mountain. At the top was an octopus intersection, as quoted by NFN Mike who would soon be named, the front-runners would take the wrong trail and miss the BT sign. The front-runners NFN Mike and a NFN Harriet found chalk marks and continued up the wrong road for an estimated 2 kilometers. Psychodrunk would later inform the front-runners they were chasing chalk marks from kids! Beer check would be in the park at Kashimia pier, where Screw Drive Her would then meet her friend and he invites us to his boat for beverages. After about 1 hour with our new friend serving beverages hares away was called. The trail would take us thru the tunnel this time and up a hill to a viewpoint / boob check. At this point the hares saw a storm approaching and laid trail to the finish. A map would be drawn at an underpass so not too get washed away and the last bastard in could find his way.
At the down downs the Hare would drink for spraying bug spray in his co-hares eyes, as in hash fashion when one hare drinks all hares drink. NFN Mike would be named: “Follows Children”. Front running bastards, Psychodrunk and Follows Children would drink for being speed racers. Since many of our hashers are departing and will not be able to attend in the cuming months a social was called prior to swing low. Other hashers in attendance today; One Dog Sleeping, Ginger Bread Dildo, Woo Woo Woo, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Naga Suck Me, Screw Driver Her, Puppy Faceoff, NFN (female but don’t remember her name), and NFN Quite Guy (also too hung over to remember his name).
Onon plan would take us to Ace burger for some well-needed food and drinks. Then hashers would ononon to Makati bar where Happy SM! would arrive as a late cummer. Onon Sushi Cow Girl

Aug 23, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 August 22 SNARED HARE!

Run 362 was hared by Psychodrunk who would disappoint the hounds from the beginning. The Hare decided to cum late and was not prepared. The hounds had to push the hare so we could make the 1228 train, 2 stops later we were ready for chalk talk and found the hare had failed to bring enough chalk for all the hounds. After chalk talk we held a hash flash and called hare away. The hounds would share what little chalk was provided to navigate the lame trail. The trail would immediately begin to go up hills and steps, along the way the hounds found themselves going into the shiggy until another road was found that led up the hill. Then a boob check was laid at which point the front running bastards waited for the rest of the hounds in hash style. At this point two of our hounds, Screw Drive Her, and virgin NFN Shioko, would make the ultimate sacrifice and decide to call off the chase because the heat was too much to bear. The trail would go right into the shiggy and elude the hounds for more than 20 minutes. After many cobwebs, sticks and stones, the hounds would find the true trail +++> mark and continue up the mountain road. Right around the corner the trail would make a sharp right turn into the shiggy once again. After a few minutes the hare was at his first beer check and there was no beer in sight, very disappointing. Hare away was called and the hare left just as the hornets would cum out to play. Sushi Cow Girl, after being stung in the back 2 times would call hounds away and down the road we would go. A few minutes later “H2O near” is sited and the hare would have hash cash ready to hydrate the hounds. Sushi Cow Girl would crawl to the hydrator just in time! Once again the hare was off and 12 minutes later hounds away was called. This time the hounds had enough and decided to set a trap for the hare. Yes SNARED HARE was within the hounds reach; we had worn him down with our skillful approach. After documenting the event the hare was given 6 minutes and off went the hounds. The hare laid a trail back to the train station because the hounds had worn him out. Not to be discouraged hounds, Oohlala, Sushi Cow Girl, NFN Nate, and virgin NFN Gonzo would choose to run back to Sasebo Park and beat the hare who was on the train being closely watched by the rest of the hounds.

Down downs would be held at Sasebo Park where Screw Drive Her would re-join the pack and Sushi Cow Girl would use tech to ensure virgin Shioko made it home safely and in good spirits. Multiple down downs would be had by all, Psychodrunk for being snared and laying a horrible trail. The virgins, NFN Gonzo, brothers NFN Yoshi and NFN Hirokazu (visiting from Fukuoka). Celebrating for catching the hare was WooWooWoo and NFN Nate. Virgin NFN Gonzo for departing early and the late cummers JJ Jet Plane with his side kick NFN Yoshi. Sphincter would cum late and complete a down down to bless new cranial gear. Analversaries for 10 hashes were Sushi Cow Girl and WooWooWoo.

Other hashers in attendance today; One Dog Sleeping, Strikeout, Juon, NFN Yuki, and Ginger Bread Dildo.

After swing low the onon plan took us to Napoli to feed the hounds in preparation for next week. Ononon would take us to Playmates to visit the backsliders then off to Makati for one last beverage.

The kangaroo court voted and this cumming weekend will be a double since some of our hashers will be temporarily departing and it is HAPPY SM!’s birthday. So Saturday will be a bar to bar, the hare COULD BE YOU! Then Sunday will be a regular run hared by Sushi Cow Girl and co-hare NFN Nate they promise a trail that every virgin will enjoy so do your recruiting this week! Watch the web for times and meeting places.

Onon Sushi Cow Girl