Apr 30, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 April 29 F@#$ Off Naga!

Hashers Present: PsychoDrunk, 3MC, Twat Waffle, A.K.A Gay, Happy SM, Sushi Cow Girl, Wombraider, Cliffhanger, Chocolate Shit Stick, Potassium Pubinator, Texas T-Bag, Chainsaw Assacre, Stillborne Ranger, Romanian Steamer, Shows to Daddy, &  NFN’s Kyle, Eri, Joe, Joy, Raymond & Virgins  Mami, Toshi, Charles
Hares / Snares: #1 Twat Waffle / 3MC. A double whammy on Short lived trails….
#2 3MC / Sushi Cow Girl: A defiant act on short trail followed up by stairs, anyone?
# 3 Sushi / Psychodrunk: Shortest shiggy trail w/ a twisted figure 8 crossover.
#4  Psycho / Sushi: A payback snare & a nice lil crossover then across 35
#5 Sushi / NFN Kyle & Chainsaw:  The finishers (premature as it were) NOT SNARED!!!
Latecummers:  Sphincter, Pai Pan, Naga Suck Me.
It was an overcast Sunday afternoon, but hell any day any weather is good for hashing right?? As it was yet another pick up hash starting at Nimitz park USO. As we the Harriers & Harriettes gathered for quite a good turnout the initial introductions & chalk talk was conducted followed by the Hash Flash & the Blessing of the 1st erected hare Twat Waffle. It seems to me that 3MC forgot about the wave off of 3 minutes walking, Hares away for the short lived & backfired trail plan of Twat waffle starting the madness of the boob check, down to the end of the walk along the river. On-On the trail that lead the pack to the apartment building where Twat went up the spiral stair case to the top only to be snared cumming off of the ELEVATOR! , What’s this fucking nonsense when said the lame ass hare had to use tech? Then to be caught by 3MC whose trail was even more short lived, as he was caught by Short cutting SCG. That is not before the last defiant act of flipping the bird to the hound that would eventually snare him.
A 5 minute pause before hounds away again, at which point Psycho was quoted “Now onto some real trail marking” On-On to cross 35 to the beginning of the shiggy or so we thought, as it was Psycho that speed racing bastard who caught Sushi cow girl before he could disappear into the woods to lay out a twisted figure 8 crossover which would damn near lead to blood on trail from a slip & tumble by 3MC, S.T.D & TW. Maybe it was the combination of the almost blood & crossover that got Happy SM all hot & bothered so she could have sex w/ herself on trail. Downwards onto somebody’s property, what is it w/ Psycho & Trespassing? Only to back fire on him as he tried some more of his famous trickery only to be victim of a payback snare by a 2nd time shortcutting Sushi Cow girl.
Another 5 minutes to take a breather then back at it. Following to a sandlot playground where the kids were happy to dime out our 2 time hare, who would grace the hallowed trail w/ a wicked cross over himself thus leading back to and across 35. 2nd time was a recurring theme for SCG who twice crossed 35, short cutting to hare snare then after not so much trickery going up some stairs Sushi was snared a 2nd time by NFN Kyle & Chainsaw Assacre. (Also the 2nd time he was caught by an NFN!! ) So having a few minutes to breath & situate hares 6 and 7 were away to treat the pack to a touch of their own devious deception, leading up and down a twisted maze of streets, to a vantage point for a hash flash. Then back to the ultimately back to Nimitz Park for down-downs, 
Twat Waffle & 3MC, the front running and competing bastards who would ultimately bitch about too many boobs checks in reference to fear of being caught. However they did bring up the valid point of false advertising as Chainsaw marked beer near, but there was no beer at the finish. Thus prompting a beer run by the “prematurely” finishing hares. 
Finally onward to late cummers Naga Suck Me, Sphinchter and Pai Pan for the down-downs to discuss much hash business to include discussing all the shitty trails,  witnessing Texas T-bag pose as an Amway salesman peddling hash T shirts. Naga’s F!@#$% off,, last but certainly not least of the hash drinking all of the beer.
On-On Chainsaw Assacre

Apr 15, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 April 15 Texas T-Bag Can't Find The Beer Run

As the hounds assembled at the train station a local man asked to have his picture taken with the hounds. After the picture we had to wait for Psychodrunk who decided to show just on time for the 1325 train to HosTenBosch. Upon arrival the hounds patiently waited for the Hare to arrive. The hare, Texas Tea Bag, would ensure all the hounds were accounted for Chainsaw Assacre, Cliffhanger, Sushicowgirl, Psychodrunk, Pink Sausage, Happy SM, Screw Drive Her with her Grandson, Mommy Made me cum, STD, Twat Waffle, Womb Raider, 3MC, NFN Travis, NFN Chelsea, NFN Eri, NFN Juri, and our special guests from Okinawa Hash; Queene, NFN Steven, Belching Semen, and The Long One.
The hare would be blessed and hares away called with the HosTenBosch hotel just across the river. After Chalk talk by Sushi for the virgins, hounds away was called and the trail would follow the river. Soon the trail would make a turn where CB3 is seen and a local man, working his garden, would direct the hounds toward the hare. Across a river we would go, then up a hill and into the shiggy. Soon another road is found and the hounds would lose the trail just long enough for Psychodrunk to get shocked by an electric fence! The trail would lead down to a large rice field, although the trail would go around the rice field Sushi and Psycho would lead the short cut thru the fields to the trail. Here Sushi would smell alcohol from the Sake factory and short cut the trail missing the beer check set up by the beer miester, Pink Sausage. After a taste of the Sake, Sushi would find an intersection and thinking he was on the true trail, follow it backwards and find the rest of the hounds. Up the mountain we would go, and quickly descend thru the shiggy back into the valley. Then once again the trail would lead up a road that was never ending, this road would soon turn into a path, then a bamboo forest, all while going up and up and up! Soon the hounds had found the top of the mountain and start going down the other side. Here the hare, thinking the hounds were too close to him, would summons many wild boars to block the trail. Not to be slowed the front running bastard, Cliffhanger, would chase all the boars down the mountain so all other hounds would have free passage. Soon the trail was out of the shiggy and going toward Haiki, this is where the hare snare happened, after documenting his catch Cliffhanger would release the hare instructing him to find beer. The trail would continue near the river then past the fire department where the hare would write “only 20 KM more”, yes it was obvious the hare could not find the beer miester. After more than 13 KM the hare found the beer miester in the park waiting to hydrate all the hounds.
The hare would drink for his sh$%ty trail, then the virgins, and the girls. Happy SM would remind the hounds that when one Japanese drinks…all Japanese drink, so Psycho would join them. Our Okinawa visitors would teach us all a new song and drink in OKI style. With the beer running out swing low was called.
Just 400 meters away was the sushi go round that we all knew had cold beer so the onon would take us there to fill up on great food and BEER!
The next hash is scheduled for April 22, 1330 at Nimitz Park USO; this will be a reverse cowgirl run you will not want to miss. Check facebook or www.sasebohhh.com for all your Sasebo hashing questions.
+++> Sushicowgirl