Jul 29, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 July 29 Run #469 Anal-versary Red Dress Run

Hashers Present: AKAGAY, Potassium Pubinator, The Swallows Sisters, Psychodrunk, Texas T-Bag, The Steamer Family, Butt Plug, NFN’s Zack and Alex
Hares: Happy SM, Chainsaw Assacre
Latecummers: e-Kimchi, Sphincter,

At the start of this anal-versary hash, the question was raised as to why we do this during the hot as hell Summer day, vice the spring or fall, but I digress, for those of us brave enough to brave the heat of hell or a Sasebo summer day surrounded by locals who decided to take pictures & maybe laugh at us like a side show display. At least GI hobo wasn’t there this time, nor were the wankers to be named along with NFN Zack.

Anyhow as we fucked off out of Shimanose park on ward thru the street tour of Sasebo & multiple beerstops, wait where was the free beer for the hashers? Rather than being total wankers about it, moving along trail did we. Right to the train station thru and across the street to Wal-Mart Super center sized intersection facing the docks to the true taril arrow indicating a swim across the bay. This where we also noticed the enormous amount of ass outlines on the park benches..

As we proceed, towards the finish, There was confusion about XXX marks in succession, but towards the finish had no idea at the time who it was that caught up to Happy SM. Onto the finish where down-downs were conducted by way of hash tradition, Including the namingof NFN Zack. As there was many good suggestions but none were good enough. NFN Zack henceforth and forever more you shall be known as Suck My Gumballs. To the end of circle, where somebody busted ass before the end of the 1st verse of swing low.

Noteworthy infractions include: Happy and Chainsaw for double beer meister, Autohashers: Swallows Sisters, The Steamer family & late cummer e-Kimchi. Chainsaw for littering, e-kimchi for not singing along to notes,

Noteworthy Praise: Happy SM for her “ICE” gasm

On-On +++>

Suck My Gumballs
Hasher formerly known as NFN Zack

Jul 22, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 July 22 Run #467 Wet Run

Present: Texas T-Bag, Chainsaw Assacre, Freeball Friday, B.O.B, S.T.D, NFN’s Zack, Randy, Scott and Matt (Virgin),
Guest Hashers: From Iwakuni: Barry An Twat Net, Queen La Queefa
Hare: Psychodrunk

Hot as hell the day was for a turn out of the semi usual suspects. That plus 2 guest hashers from Iwakuni white snake. I am still not sure why it was the wet run? Wait scratch that, when Psychodrunk is the hare, everything is opposite day. Such as running underneath Albuquerque  bridge to make a true trail arrow going the opposite way.  So on and so forth. Confusing as it was this time as the intersection by the main gate was making us wonder how psycho “got on base” to lay trail. But that wasn’t the case as he bee lined it along the sidewalk and fence to only cross the street by the SSK entrance leading us to confusion of a true trail that was not there last week.

On-On to the fucking stairs, well at least that part is obvious. The pursuant hounds found their way up the mountain thru a dual rehash of Sushi’s & Chainsaw’s old trails. Of which Chainsaw recognized but was lost temporarily behind an apartment building leading to more damn stairs!! Moving right along. Damned if we do damned if we don’t but sure enough failing to do a whistle check IVO of the love hotel. Shame on us.

Thru the straight away & into the Shiggy, yes I said shiggy. Because we hashers love shiggy, That is except for B.O.B who has been constantly whining about preference of pavement. Over the river and thru the woods to hash house we shall go. But to the surprise that we didn’t stop at the Shrine nearby.  As it were, Pressing thru more shiggy and making it all the way up to Yumihari, AGAIN!!! Or not all the way to a water machine for some much needed H20. Then back down the winding road into town again.
Not all the way down just yet, there was a lil more upwards to go before the last stretch of vines  spider webs, near slip and fall fatalites, and a stick violation etc….  

Noteworthy Infractions include: multiple misspellings on Psychodrunk. NFN Randy failing to get sex on Trail, NFN Matt with his broken backpack condom, Chainsaw mistaking true trail for an old mark, NFN Randy for a near stick up the ass, “splinter enima” a name suggestion for NFN Randy, and probably the most Heinous of all Texas T-bag for bringing Czech Budweiser!!!  Mental note to self there T-Bag, don’t bring Bud or happo-shu! Also bring more than 1 dip next time.

Chainsaw Assacre

Jul 21, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 July 21 Run #466 1st ever Store To Store Hash

Present: Chainsaw, ODS, Mama Suck Me, NFN’s Stephan, Josh , Zack and  Scott (Virgin)
Latecummers: Akagay, Potassium Pubinator, E.M.I
Hares/ Stores:
#1 Chainsaw / Nakamura (champion)
#2 ODS / Family Mart IVO Albuquerque
#3 MSM / ??? Package Store (ODS’s Dealer)
#4 AKAGAY / ??? Bar
#5 Chainsaw - NFN Scott / RIC
#6 Potassium – NFN Zack / Family mart (35)
#7 ODS / New Makati (Simon’s) Birthday
#8 CA / EMI Wild Side (Merci’s Birthday)
#9 ??  / New Makati

Twas a sultry summer evening for a last minute, well almost last minute that is because CA posted on facebook, Chainsaw using tech? WTH? Any how branching off on a tangent, so it be that Assacre was erected to go 1st.  Thus leading to the tricky CB2 by the bridge, just because he was being a dick and because they assumed that he was goona go there 1st.  Then ODS used tech to try saying they were lost in Sake Town.

ODS was erected #2 but to the tune of predictability, he did go to the Family mart by the bridge. Then had to fuck off momentarily, but had returned with latecummer Potassium Pubinator, Down Downs were conducted then Mama Suck Me was erected #3. Thus after trail violation of CB3, back to the intersection, we finally found the place It was a ??? package store (ODS’s) “Dealer” AKAgay decided to join the merry bunch as we interrogated the Virgin, NFN Scott to find out that the web made him cum & his sponsor wasn’t even there.

Akagay was erected as the next hare, but he was being the mega wanker and refused to carry the damn chalk tote. On ward we searched for nearly an hour but should we have turned left to find true trail going to ??? bar. Chainsaw was erected and he took NFN Scott with him leading unto an intersection turn right to find improper marks made by NFN Scott. To the amusement of the hares, seeing the hounds loop around and find the finish at the RIC nearby the movie theatre sitting on a park bench watching them walk right passed towards lion tower then again to the finish.

Potassium Pubinator and NFN Zack, would take the chalk from there and lead us to the Family Mart on the corner of 35. Shortly there after One Dog was erected only to draw a map to New Makati, and then finish. But by demand as the hashers were hungry & wanted to give non hasher Simon a proper birthday down-down but he was already gone!!!!  There we found latecummer E.M.I. The hashers found their way to wild side, attempting and succeeding at the proper birthday cheers for non hasher Mercy.

Forget who it was that hared last but we found our way back to New Makati to swing low & drink more beer.

Chainsaw Assacre

Jul 14, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 July 14 Run #464 Jail Break Run

Present: Captain Jack Swallows, Romanian Steamer, Chainsaw assacre, Papa Steamer, Lil Steamer, Akagay, Puddles the puppy pounder, Psychodrunk, STD, Meow Job, NFN Jesse
Hare(s): Twat Waffle & NFN Josh
Latecummers: Eiffel of Penis, Bent Over Board, ODS

On the latest rendition of a Twat Waffle trail, decent was the turnout for an overcast day, Hares away and 12 minutes were waited before hounds away, an early failure on the hares side as a BT towards alba bridge was already known due to hare seen back tracking. On-On after much confusion out of Nimitz Park Found Trail we did head, who said head… I mean running along towards Ishidake mountain. Trail continued up the mountain and thru some horribly marked shiggy, as we found our way following there tracks, actual tracks that is. But not before these not so devious hares were snared 2X, NFN Jesse caught them 1st, then not even 10 Minutes later, chainsaw who according to NFN Jesse, “not to be outdone”

Further down and not too far past Kujukushima Zoo & Botanical gardens  Morikirara and thanks to intel from a few locals, Then as it would be Meow Job got them a 3rd time,  thus because they were lost. Or so they say. Further along was a misspelled map going to Nimitz “bidge”  At this point in time we the frontrunners came to the conclusion that the hares hopped a taxi from there, Maybe chalk talk could have used a spelling lesson from there.

Moving right along, As Chainsaw quickly ruled out the theory of the taxi, he quickly caught up to Twat & NFN Josh again, but let them go w/ the warning that Psycho would not be so merciful. At this point the hounds were just fucking w/ them and trailed them for about a mile, despite the cluster of desperation boob checks was the map to new Makati, but before that was Puddles catching up to the hares again to make it the grand slam (4th) snare for those non sports fans who didn’t get the reference.

Noteworthy infractions: Hares snared 4X twas quite humorous to see bare asses frozen to a block of ice. The Steamer family and NFN Sue for autohashing, Eiffel, ODS and B.O.B for backsliding, and perhaps the most heinous of violations, THE NAMEE, NFN JESSE FOR EAVESDROPPING ON THE DELIBERATION!!! After much deliberation NFN Jesse: Henceforth and forever more, you shall be known as “HOMO-SKIMO” And to the end of the beer was time to swing low To a bar to bar!!! 

Free Ball Friday