Nov 17, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 November 17 Run #484 Return Of The Assacre (Psychotic Hare / Plan Change)

Hashers Present: Chainsaw Assacre, Suck My Gumballs, NFN’s Andrew & Dylan (virgins)
Hare: Psychodrunk.
 Twas a small gathering for a chilly November afternoon pick, or what was planned to be a pick up hash.  That is until Psychodrunk opted into hare…. Kangaroo Court??? Sure why not. Hare away, then unto chalk talk. As of the conclusion of the chalk talk & history it was hounds away.
 O’er the river & thru the woods to the hash house we shall go, or in this case it was a previously un-chalked upon section of Sasebo City (佐世保市) On-On thru a twisted maze of shaggy, construction & a convenience store beer stop across from a school of all places. It’s a good thing that chainsaw got to the sole free beer before 1 of the kids did.
 Up, Down, Up, Down thru what appeared to be a shrine, only to find a CB5 thru some more  shaggy.  The pack further proceeded to a 3 way fork in the road to a CB3, leading back into yet another patch of woods over a drainage ditch.
 Last but certainly not least, the pack came across familiar section of town. That is familiar to Chainsaw who had seen it before.  Consequently, Assacre took the intersection down the stairs to a BT, but that did not stop as he short-cut  down to 35.
 Finally crossing over the highway then the train tracks, Chainsaw Assacre that short cutting, FRB finished 1st @ Yamanota Station waiting for the others to finish. Shortly thereafter the others did finish for Down Downs Part 1.
 Part II was at New Makati where latecummers ODS , CJS , & Happy SM Joined in. Noteworthy violations: NFN Dylan Signed in using his last name (Navy Style), CA for Short cutting, ODS & the ladies for late cumming & Psycho for auto-hashing (bus)

Chainsaw Assacre