Jan 29, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 January 29 Texas Run

Texas T-Bag had no problem shortcutting the trail and he was the hare! The trail started from Nimitz park USO, 12 minutes after hare away was called the following hounds took to chasing the hare down: Psychodrunk, Chainsaw Assacre, Potassium Pubinator, Sushi Cowgirl, Screw Drive Her, One Dog Sleeping with his virgin NFN Joy, Romanian Steamer with her daughter Crena, 3MC, and Chocolate S%^& Stick.

The trail would cross the river; up past the arcade and across highway 35 we would go. Making a left the trail would soon have an intersection at the bottom of an endless set of stairs and up we would go. The trail would keep going up to the top of the hill and make another left at the top. At the intersection the trail would pass a shrine then up more stairs to a CB. Down a couple of stairs and thru the shiggy we would go in search of beer. The trail would come out of the shiggy to an intersection the lead hounds would find what they think is true trail and follow it up more stairs. Then BT was found and the lead hounds, Chainsaw, Psycho, and Sushi would go past the BT in search of a short cut just to find a trail with another BT. Backtracking this trail we would go back to the intersection where all the remaining hounds were exiting the shiggy. +++> was soon found and the hounds were back on the trail! Soon the hounds would realize we were going thru the shiggy heading right back to the trail, what is happening? Yes TTB had shortcut his trail right back and crossed thru an earlier intersection, crossing out the BT the trail would start going down hill. Sushi would miss a turn and shortcut into nowhere until he did a circle and found his fellow hounds to lead the way, tired and thirsty he would not falter. Psycho and Chainsaw would lead the way in search of the hare; the trail would go up another hill before starting down following the street. Soon a set of stairs would bring the trail back to highway 35 on its way to the finish at Sasebo Park.

Our youngest hasher, Crena, would make the entire 11 KM hash and still have energy to ride the swing while we completed our down downs. Many hashers would drink for perceived trail violations and backsliding. TTB held nothing back today and provided the thirsty hounds with a wide variety of beverages from around the world!

Onon would take us to the Kabab stand + where the owner takes pictures to post on facebook to show the world where hungry hashers go for a meal. Other onon’s would take us to Makati, Wendyz, and if my memory were correct we would make a brief stop at Playmates. It was a very tiring and dehydrating day so my memory may be off on what happened after and before the Kabab stand.

Watch your email, check facebook, or www.sasebohhh.com for the next hash, TTB will continue to be the token short cutter and there is sure to be some hash treasures picked up along the way!

+++> Sushi Cowgirl

Jan 5, 2012

Hash Trash 2011 December 31 Sasebo H3 New Years Eve all night bar to bar

New Years Eve hash started from Nimitz park with Psychodrunk and Pie Pan as the hare/co-hare. After a short flat trail that was too short, the trail led to bar River in Sake town. The hare would then keep the trail short and go to Romantic Blast for the hares to continue New Years celebration mismanagement. The third bar XOXO is where late cummer Sushi Cow Girl joins the hash and a new hare is erected. The hares, One Dog Sleeping and 3MC, would lay trail to Double A using a CB6 on the stairway. After quenching there thirst the hares, One Dog Sleeping and Goatfuckyourself, would lead the hounds to Jigger bar. Then Sushi Cow Girl would hare and after finding a closed bar at the proposed finish he would lead the hounds to Wendyz. Here is where Happy SM would join the hash and become a hare erection. Upon hounds away called the hounds would find a map outside Wendyz that would send them to the back door alley. After a quick navigation thru the alley the hounds would follow the trail to Makati. Here, just like last year, the hashers would celebrate the New Year at the stroke of midnight. This is a all night hash so the next trail laid by Chainsaw assacre would take the hounds to Gramophone. Then Chainsaw assacre and Akagay would lay trail to Anchor bar. Here One Dog Sleeping would be given his 69 head (who said head?) band in hash style. Then Pie Pan and 3MC would lay trail to Lion Tower bar Kiss Me. The trail was horribly laid, presumably to give these 2 hares some time alone, for what we don’t know! Here one more late cummer shows, Iphonicator. So the next trail is laid by Iphonicator and Sushi Cow Girl to Playmates. After saying hello to the fellow hashers behind the bar hares away was called and Goatfuckyourself and NFN Aki would lay trail to Sky is the Limit. Here the remaining hashers that have not gotten lost or otherwise disappeared would swing low. The onon plan would take us to Makati and from here the sun would start to rise and the hashers would start going toward home.

Watch your email or check facebook for the next hash, it is sure to be mismanaged just as much this year!

On on Sushi Cow Girl