Sep 30, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 September 30 #479 Yano Mas-turbation Run

Present: Psychodrunk, Texas T-Bag, Romanian Steamer, Cum-Quat Queef, Chainsaw Assacre, Suck My Gumballs, Whiny The Poo, Captain Jack Swallows, Nash Trash, NFN’s Justin, Patrick (Virgin)
Hare: Yano-Mas
Latecummers: Happy SM, I-Phonicator, One Dog Sleeping.
As the Hashers gathered on this semi chilled September afternoon, with the same Barvado as Congress or the Senate about to vote on how to fuck over the population  Blah, Blah, ba fucking Blah!!! So what had actually happened was…
Yano-Mas had taken off post hash flash, the chalk talk had been well you get the idea by now. As it has come to pass, the weekly gathering of the chalk for brains bunch known as the Hash House Harriers took off in pursuit of the self proclaimed wily rabbit. “Fuck you tricks are for Hashers”
Part 1 took us up the beaten off path past the love motel ( Hoteru Ubdo) At which point Chainsaw was the only one w/ sense enough to remember the whistle check. Unfortunately there were no signs of naked people at the windows this time. Near by was found a familiar intersection leading up to, (here we go to MT. Yumihari (弓張岳) Again.
That suspicion however was proven false as we proceeded down the shaggy, that’s right I said down, to a douse o a 1st step. There it was passing thru a public walk way where a local man in his garden, or was it the construction crew that ratted out which way the hare went.
Finally The pack made it’s way to a boob check where more informants directed us which way to go, Not before Nash Trash decided to draw ??? on the strategically placed boob check. Past SSK going back to the park, or so we thought. It was near an intersection by Nakamura that Texas T-bag snared the hare. 2nd time was NFN Justin who gave chase thru “Lil Manila” out by River rock  after waiting outside of New Makati.
At New Makati, ODS, Happy & I phonicator joined in late to celebrate Psychodrunk’s birthday. Among other hash business conducted, Chainsaw presented a special T found under an old stack of porno mags found in the shaggy. Then there was all other hash business leading up to swing low.
Noteworthy Infractions: Shortcutting (All), ODS, Happy, I-phonicator, (Latecummers) Birthday Psychodrunk, ODS Stalking the hare, Nash Trash.

Chainsaw Assacre

Sep 23, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 September23 #478 Assacre’s Ad Lib Antics Part II

Hashers Present: Steamers, Butt Fuck Butters, Suck My Gumballs, Texas T-Bag, Yano Mas, Whiny The Poo, Blow My Whistle, Psychodrunk, Akage, Whiny The Poo, NFN’s Randy, Alex, Fumi, Justin (Virgin)
Hare: Chainsaw Assacre
Latecummers: One Dog Sleeping, Goat Fuck Yourself
 This whole mess of debauchery from the get go, I Chainsaw Assacre ake the blame for, NOT!!!.  As I was saying, his special newsletter (hash trash) postdated. It all started at Hiu (日宇) Station.
 As a side note, It was Chainsaw who put the challenge to the pack to catch him, If this happens, then Chainsaw would quit smoking. Did not work that way as it turns out . Fuck me I am off on a tangent here. 12 minutes started after a long wait for Assacre to cross 35. Hounds away finally.
 On-On the pack went to a really awesome looking spiral staircase for hash Flash #1. Then after it was the slide of hand CB4, leading up a semi steep walkway, were fishing in a small pond was suggested. At the top was an intersection followed to the left leading up to a set of overgrown weeds and spider webs attached to the stairs.
 Onwards thru the construction site, to a side road leading up to Mt. Eboshidake  (烏帽子岳) . Moving right along it was spotted for the pack to sing Hashers, as this was the 1st of many of CA’s chalk scribblings along the way. The next hash flash was along a giant rock, this after the art of “shaggy-surfing” was born.
 Many other wise (_!_) captions were chalked in but most seem to have missed the cameras. That is until after the woods where the “GOD-DAMNED SPIDERS” was placed. Heading, (Head, who said head?) the Pack came across a giant intersection nearby an apartment building where a lot of the Sasebo (佐世保市) police live at.
 Thru the beer stops, hash Takanashi-chou. Chainsaw got away clean, hahaha.   Down-Downs conducted, noise complaints received, and 3 hashers were named. NFN’s Alex, Randy & Fumi Henceforth & Forever more shall be known as: Denture Dick (DD) , Golden Steamer, & Nash Trash respectively.
Chainsaw Assacre

Sep 9, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 September 9 #476 Emergency Texas Run

Present: Chainsaw Assacre, Suck My Gumballs, Count Suckula, Psychodrunk, Pedokazu, Romanian Steamer, Lil Steamer, Papa Steamer, Whiny The Poo, Blow My Whistle, Manko …Polo, Butt Fuck Butters, NFN’s Colby, Fumi,
Hare: Texas T-Bag
 Damn, I forgot my quote for a soggy ass afternoon hash, oh well nevermind. It was a clusterfuck gathering of Texas T-Bag’s design. No wait, that does not seem right, more like: “As we gather here today” (in the accent of a southern Baptist minister)  Any way Im getting side-tracked again.
 It was in the nick of time for the 6 adventurous hashers who came back from Iwakuni the day before. As fate would have it they were all in for another grand misadventure for the devious hare of the day was none other than Texas T-bag. As the hounds made their way out of the park along the usual route to the walk way just short of the bridge and to the left.
 Intersection found near the street entrance. No surprise there. Trail was found shortly thereafter leading across the street and a wicked loop around behind Hikari & Log-Kit hamburger shops. This wily hare had timed it just right to evade capture.  As it was we found the wicked loop around back thru Nimitz Park to crossing the bridge this time.
 Thru the streets of Central Sasebo (佐世保市中央) up  around & thru the arcade we the hounds pursued. This of course led to a residential area, the name of which I could not pronounce to save my life. On-On we go o’er the river & thru woods….. Or NOT!!!
 The winding & twisting trail took the hounds up past the Kitasasebo stop. At this point trail was lost for nearly a ½ hour until found again on a small bridge in front of Sakuragi cho. Now it was o’er the river & thru the woods, + add in crossing a section of train track. To Find the segment of true trail.
 Front Runners Chainsaw, Psycho, Manko…Polo, & Butt Fuck Butters, along w/ NFN Colby & Whiny the Poo eventually made to the Senpukuju Stop only to see that Texas was on a train going back towards the start. So as we waited patiently for the next train, we were pleasantly surprised to  see Texas came back bearing the gift of “Free beer for all the Hashers”
 On the crazy train, so to speak we the few of us took to Back to the stop behind McD’s then onto meeting up w/ the rest of the pack to conduct down-downs.
 Of The hash business, Noteworthy Infractions include but are not limited to: Chainsaw, SMG, Romanian, Whiny, NFN’s Colby & Fumi for wearing their Iwakuni Hash T’s. Psycho for FFFH3 Tank top. Pedo Kazu, Papa Steamer, BFB, MP for backsliding, Texas T-bag for the shitty weather. Last but certainly not least, Psychodrunk for spilling beer YET AGAIN!!!!

Chainsaw Assacre

Sep 2, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 September 1 #475 Monthly Bar to Bar

Present: Psychodrunk, Suck My Gumballs, Chainsaw Assacre, NFN Fumi
Latecummer: Happy SM
Hare / Bar
1:   SMG / Shooters
2:   Psycho / Ishimaru
3:   Psycho / Shimezo (注連蔵)
4:   Psycho / Takan No Shippo
5:   Psycho / XOXO: (Snared)
6:   Chainsaw / Masters
7:   Happy SM / Gramaphone
8:   Chainsaw / Playmates
9:   SMG / Cindy’s Getaway
10: CA / Lovedoll
 Trying not to find myself in literary puddle , rather an actual cesspool of debauchery that be the hash. Thus the stated hash trash. Enough of that. SMG took the chalk to what we thought was across the bridge. This was not the case, hoodwinked we were, then along the river past kogo hospital. Over the river and thru the city to the hash house we shall go, or maybe just to Shooters. Of course, as SMG just had to be competitive and challenge Chainsaw to a game of  darts. After a while and losing the game, Psychodrunk was erected to go next, only to go 4 times at it.
 #2 was a tucked away near the trainstop and the stairway, called Ishimaru. There at least they had yebisu beer!!! Also chainsaw was able to explain to the bar owner the words on the wine bottle Casiellro del Diablo, translating as Locker of the devil or devil’s locker.
 #3 took us up the F!@#$n stairs. As we short cutted thru the back entrance of the lion tower on our merry way to Shimezo stand bar. Outside of the Finish Psycho tried to fuck w/ us by making a dash back to the bar to avoid capture, only to do a near faceplant over the median railing. Thus not fooled were we as Psycho had already finished.
 #4 Pleasantly surprised that we did not go back to Sailortown, rather Takan no Shippo, where the really cool chalk drawing of stitch in the head, (who said head?) I mean bathroom. On-On well at least for more beer!!
 #5 Enroute to XOXO, Psycho tried to evade us at the top of ?? Parking garage where he was caught, Really on a pub crawl, Psycho? Anyhow another 5 Minutes goes by, As Psycho tried yet again to fool the pack by a false finish at G-Shock, but XOXO it was.
 #6 Chainsaw took the chalk enroute to Yoji-san’s Master’s bar where we met up with habitual latecummer Happy-SM.
 #7 Happy SM / NFN Fumi chalked past a florist shop, where of the 2 lovely ladies dropped the hint to buy happy flowers. SMG and Psychodrunk actually displayed Gentlemanlike / fool hardy behavior and took the hint. I guess they were hoping this gesture would lead to so bedroom activities, as was not the case as the guys discovered when they got to Gramophone. 
 #8 Chainsaw,  well not much to go with here, out the door a left turn then up the stairs to playmates.  The remaining debauchery was a blur, I think that bar 9 was Cindy’s and 10 was lovedoll for more beer and swing low. At this point it was a drunk, hungry and not scoring Chainsaw along w/ SMG hopping in a taxi where as discovered later  that Psycho, Happy & NFN Fumi went to Mc’Donalds.

Chainsaw Assacre