Jun 28, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 June 27 TECH CHECK BEER CHECK!

This day’s hash was hared by Psychodrunk in his customary staircase style. Starting from Shimanose Park and quickly moving up into the hills where there are plenty of stairs for Psychodrunk to get comfortable and lay a crappy trail for the hounds to navigate. One hour into the run the hare gave out and made a terrible decision to use tech on trail for a beer check. After the hounds documented the hares failed attempt to please them, the hare was off once again. Beer near was posted next to the train station at which time the hare failed to provide the beverages. So the hounds made the best of it and boarded the train just as the rain started to fall (that’s right, no rain during the hash today). Departing the train meant the rain once again was stopped and the hare quickly procured provisions for the Down Down. The Down Down took place at Sasebo Park when we realized virgin Ken was lost and the hunt began. Virgin Ken decided to show after using tech to drink coffee and a change of clothes, who invited him anyway? Down Down was attended by all starting hashers; the hare Psychodrunk, Ginger Bread Dildo, Virgin Ken (finally found?), Oohlala, Screw Drive Her, NFN Kazu, and Sushi cow girl. FRB was Sushi cow girl even though he couldn’t determine 12 minutes for hounds away and couldn’t even count for CB2 (fellow hounds made the corrections and got him back on trail) and Oohlala was cited for blood on trail. Once again no rain during down downs. On On, demanded by FRB, was held at Fuji Wakamaru Sushi restaurant. On On On held at Gramophone so Happy SM could join the hash. Where was Happy SM all day, working, yeah right! Our Bartender at Gramophone, Misato, and Happy SM have promised to make amends by providing the hashers with many virgins next month, can they keep to there promise? Cum and see! Now the rain has stopped as hashers depart, have the hashers learned how to control Sasebo weather? On On Sushi Cow Girl

Jun 17, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 June 13 Who Said Rain?

Sticky rainy season just set in on the day before. But the light rain in the morning stopped in the afternoon just before the hash begun. Psychodrunk arrived at Nimitz Park before anyone else. And Woo Woo Woo Woo who gave up the cowboy boots showed up. Then there came NFN Nick, Strike Out, NFN Joshua, Ooh-La-La, NFN Virgin Mike, NFN Leroy, Gingerbread Dildo, NFN Naoya (Juon), Screw Drive Her, Happy! SM, Naga Suck Me, Sphincter and NFN Kaz. We moved to Huis Ten Bosh Hills parking lot again where we met our hares, Werewolf and NFN Tom. And Debbie Does Dairy Queen, NFN Debbie and a virgin joined. The party totaled 20 in number again. Hares away at 1358 and the pack away at 1410 after a chalk talk by Sphincter, which turned out to be too much informative. We took stairs to go backward of the last trail to Huis Ten Bosh. But it went back to the condo area then into woods. And a true trail arrow appeared out of nowhere to guide us into a bamboo grove. Then we hit the main street of Huis Ten Bosh. The trail continued toward Saikai Pearl Line, but the front-runners consumed too much time in a bamboo grove. Then we advanced into a side lane of Saikai Pearl Line for a small fishing port. At the time we climbed up another hills, only NFN Naoya a.k.a Juon was barely trying to catch up with us. In a short while, we hit the same intersection making a loop as the trail of last week. When Psychodrunk got to the spot, the pack arrow guided to make a loop again then into the newly marked true trail. The rest of the trail was just a rehash of the last one and we finished at the parking lot. Happy SM and Gingerbread Dildo were the second group to finish but they were half an hour behind. The rest of the pack finished by twos and threes, and the DFLs finished after 1700 when three hours had passed. At the down-down, the hares drunk and NFN Mike were made to drink because he wore a psychedelic head gear. Happy SM was awarded 25 times hash band and Woo Woo Woo Woo 5 times hash band. And the DFLs and fuck-offs drunk. Few members stayed to name NFN Tom that was not realized the last time. All the nominations from the last week were deleted and he was named Yo Ho Whore after a close race with Just a Tip. We swung low as always and closed the circle at 1900. Sphincter, Screw Drive Her, NFN Naoya, NFN Leroy and Psychodrunk made a feast at Sushi restaurant Seajack again. We are having another bar-to-bar hash on this cuming Saturday as scheduled. But not a single hasher has yet volunteered the hare so far. So we decided to hold kangaroo court to erect the hares. The erections will be held at Nimitz Park USO @1900 and at each bar for the further hares. We will pick up hares randomly, so the hare could be YOU! ONON Psychodrunk

Jun 16, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 May 30 One Hare Drinks All Hares Drink

The weather was perfect for hashing on the sunny Sunday afternoon. The first person to arrive at Nimitz Park USO was NFN Cory and hangover hashers gathered gradually. Although it was tough to join two-day consecutive hashes, especially after the pub-crawl run, we had as many people as always including some virgins. And then we set out on a journey to Hario employing Sphincter, Happy SM, Screw Drive Her and Psychodrunk as designated drivers. The rest of the pack was composed of Eiffel of Penis, Karaoke Pornstar, Dick McSemen, Naga Suck Me, Needle Dick Princess, NFN Leroy, NFN Joshua, NFN Derek, NFN Rick and two virgins. We all followed the start arrows to a huge parking lot of Huis Ten Bosh Hills, where we met the hares; an old Sasebo hasher Werewolf and NFN Tom. And Debbie Does Dairy Queen and NFN Debbie joined in the pack. Finally 20 hashers gathered. After the blessing of the hares, hares started to lay the trail at 1417. Sphincter was reinstated in the chalk talk business and hash aerobics business. Then the pack was away at 1429. The trail went through a bamboo grove to a roadway, but it took too much time to find hash marks. The front running bastards and bitches kept running. Once again hash marks disappeared all of the sudden and we found the trail made a sharp turn without any indications. And we came back to the same intersection after 20 minutes of running. Then we found an abandoned chad bag and we found out the part of the trail was a loop and the new markings were added later. This means one hare ran half of the trail and the other hare the other half. It is not prohibited, but is considered poor “hare-manship”. A trail run in this manner is considered a “Wimp-trail” and defeats the purpose of having live hares (Samurai HHH hashing handbook 2004). Eiffel of Penis led the rest of the trail and some other marathon runners became completely absorbed in non-stop-running to the finish. Shortly after 1600, twin Debbies, Eiffel of Penis, NFN Joshua and Psychodrunk finished at a time. It took another 20 minutes for the following group to finish. Down-down was proceeded mainly for the hares. After deflouring the virgins, we named five time hashers. Due to a strong demand for hash names, we try to name NFN Tom and Debbie, but we couldn’t come to the conclusion. We named Rick Woo Woo Woo Woo from the Indian design of his T-shirt, and named Derek Derek the Poo. It lasted for three hours and we all swung low and the hash got a piece. We went to a Sushi restaurant Seajack for On On. After all, we have done 6 hash runs in May which may be record-breaking. ON ON Psychodrunk