Jul 26, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 July 25 Yumihari Hillside

Hashers in attendance today included; Psychodrunk, Straight Edge, Karaoke Pornstar, Dick McSemen, iphonicator, Oohlala, Naga Suck Me, Happy!SM, Texas T-bag, Strike Out, Screw Drive Her, Pedo Kazu, NFN Cory, NFN Josh, NFN Nat, NFN Mike, NFN Asami and Virgin Maria. Run 359 started with hare away, Sushi Cow Girl, at 1355 from Nimitz Park. The trail made a left turn just prior to the Albuquerque Bridge and went along the river and Sasebo Park. Reaching the next bridge the trail crossed the river and made a long u-turn and back across the next upstream bridge. Then another gentle turn and a view of the Sasebo fire station appeared. The trail then passes the Log Kit and makes a CB to go thru a parking lot and up the trail along the new freeway entrance ramp. Another CB and the hounds find themselves coming down the hill and up the stairs to the left. One more CB and the trail goes down the road and then traverses walking trails and stairs along the Yumihari hillside up to ?? apartment complex. From here the very moderate hill climbing is complete as the trail once again follows the weaving road for a beautiful view of Sasebo city. Then the hare detects the scent of beer and takes a left turn down a walking trail to follow the scent. If only the hounds had such sensitive noses! Detecting where the scent is originating from, the hare follows the road to the left, then left up the stairs, and then right down the stairs, now straight ahead and down the hill to the 5th floor of Shrine Court apartments where the beer patiently awaits the hounds. FRB at the beer check is Psychodrunk closely followed by NFN Nat, NFN Mike, and Oohlala. Upon realizing this is only a beer check, Happy SM curls up in the corner and begins to cry. But don’t feel bad; Happy SM is soon to change her tune with sex on trail! A hare away is called and the hare marks another great trail en-route to Nimitz Park. During down downs one virgin, NFN Maria, is introduced to the hashers and her sponsor does a down down for failure to train. iphonicator completes her down down and departs early to go shopping! Happy SM does a down down for initiating sex on trail. Swing low is sung and the end of the hash is called. For the on on the hare takes the hounds out for Yakitori and then to Makati's. Why? One Dog Sleeping was the scheduled co-hare and failed to attend, ODS had no worthy excuse. On on Sushi Cow Girl

Jul 21, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 July 17 Bar Crazy

The bar run started with straight edge, as the hare, taking the hounds on an extended tour of Sake town. Due to the extended tour 2 pedestrians were brought into the hash, NFN Alex and NFN Josh. The hounds made a quick beer check when a family mart appeared next to the hares map! After documenting the beer check the hounds were off to the first bar, Blue Mile. After refreshments a different hare was erected from the hounds and sent away. This would continue thru the run so all hashers would have an opportunity to hare. This hare took us all to Sailor towns Anchor Club where we documented our NFN street pick ups. Next it was back to Sake town where Karaoke Porn Star and One Dog Sleeping was caught near Venus. The hounds decided, since the hares were caught outside the bar, the hares would be let loose to find another establishment. Given ample time the hares regained their composure and were singing Karaoke when the hounds arrived atRomania. The next stop was once again in Sailor town at Playmates. During this stop Lesbian Butt Frower, who thinks it is too hot to hash, after some peer pressure promised to attend the next hash. Then Sushi Cow Girl made a trail error in leading the hounds to the next bar, Laguna’s. After the hounds corrected the hare all was made well since the hungry hounds were able to feast at Ace’s! Due to his mistake, Sushi Cow Girl once again hared, this time setting a good trail to After 5. Then it was off to Polo at which point everything gets a little fuzzy for all hashers since 9 bars have been visited. Outside re-visited Playmate the hounds completed swing low and the end of the hash was called. Hounds in attendance for run 358 included Naga Suck Me, Happy SM!, Straight Edge, Sushi Cow Girl, One Dog Sleeping, Texas T-bag, Psychodrunk, Oohlala, Strike Out, Karaoke Porn Star, iPhonicator, NFN Maki, NFN Alex, NFN Josh, NFN Brock, NFN Tim. The on on continued in Sailor town as the hashers visited multiple establishments until the sun cums up! On on Sushi Cow Girl