Mar 26, 2013

#507 Hash Trash 2013 3 24 Whiny’s by Proxy Pick Up

Present: Chainsaw Assacre, Psychodrunk, Beaver Fister, Whiny The POO, “SKY” Rim-Job, NFN Scott
Hares / Snares:
#1 Whiny / SkyRim-job : BF / CA / NFN Scott
#2 Whiny / NFN Scott: BF / CA
#3 Beaver Fister / Chainsaw Assacre
#4 Chainsaw Assacre-  To the Sort Of Finish
Late-Cummer(s) : Captain Jack Swallows, Pai Pan, NFN Yukiko

So there we were, having returned to a regular “Scene of the Crime” so to speak. But where is Chainsaw? Hmmm a very intriguing question to say the least. Moving right along, Hare(s) away Whiny & “Sky” Rim-job took off, but then shortly after Chainsaw appeared. The debauchery was to be continued as usual.

12 Minutes has elapsed, hounds away to the 1st intersection going up towards the back side of Sogo Hospital. False trail was heir apparent, thus leading across the bridge towards champion. The pack regrouped about the intersection across from the sun plaza entrance. Chainsaw went left to discover a CB3 leading back to the intersection, say it isn’t so!!

Across 35, thru a shrine onto thru a shrine towards a side road where there was a hash flash aplenty. Across the street towards the ball fields Chainsaw found an on 2 then nothing more. Thus having to cut thru the go kart track to rejoin the pack.

On-On to the top of the hill thru some shaggy leading up to a temple entrance where the hares were spotted along 35. As the speed racing pack hauled ass towards the hares, while playing “frogger”  Caught up to the the rabbits. CA / BF / NFN Scott properly recognized for this honor.

Whiny tried to pawn off the chalk to somebody else, but no dice. “Sky”-rim however did switch out as it was Hares away a 2nd time. To their credit they did find a phantom (working) beer machine. With 4 different sizes of Asahi.

As the pack proceeded towards the top of (やまゆみはり), Chainsaw had found a spent shotgun shell (20 guage). Then Beaver Fister who had spotted the hares, but was made as he took off,  snatching up NFN Scott & Chainsaw snatching up Whiny.

Beaver Fister took over and what was supposed to be 10 minutes, which turned out to be 7, with 3 minutes of walking. This devious rabbit got us on a BT from an intersection. Leading us up towards the summit of (やま しょうかんだけ) Thru the winding path lead to an intersection where Chainsaw would short cut around, to beat the rest of the pack to snare Beaver Fister.

Noteworthy happenings: Chainsaw found the shotgun shell, “Sky” rim-job, NFN Scott, whiny for near death on & off trail. Psychodrunk & Chainsaw for spilling beer, Chainsaw for shortcutting, all the ladies for being late-cummers: Chainsaw & NFN Scott for gaining an Iwakuni Name & NFN Scott who was voted to retain his Iwakuni name of “Permission To CUM Aboard” Last but not least, WTP/SRJ/NN Scott for getting lost.

Chainsaw Assacre

Mar 13, 2013

#500 Hash Trash 2013 2 10 Anal-versary run

Present: Suck My Gumballs, Chainsaw Assacre, Pedo-Kazu, e-kimochi, Romanian Steamer, Tur-cocka-tron, Whiny The POO, Texas T-bag, Akage, Captain Jack Swallows, Sphincter, NFN’s Tim, Elmo & Yukiko.
Hare (s): Psychodrunk , Sphincter, Texas T-Bag
Late cummers: Happy Sm, Spongebath No Pants

            It was quite a fashionable gathering for the not so usual bunch of misfits, a grand turnout of 15. It was the long anticipated event of the Sasebo kennel “hash”tory & it was epic, well sort of.

            Gathering just below the Huis Ten Bosch station was the pack to discover the last minute change of plans. That being our very own GM was partaking as co-hare. It was a usual route to start out to say the least, but as we looped around back to the start to find Sphincter was allegedly captured by T-bag. Along comes chainsaw in pursuit of Psychodrunk to lead across the bridge towards what we all thought was gonna be the free zone.

            Guess again. Turns out we were cutting thru the parking lot heading, head who said head…. Anyhow before going off on a tangent, Tur-cocka-tron & chainsaw Was again on the wrongside of the river as the devious bastard psycho had crossed the bridge looping around a playground.

            There we noticed Texas, short-cutting as usual was seemingly lost, as TCT & I were catching up we noticed the grandmaster waving at us from across the river. Maybe that was part of Psychodrunk’s plan all along. Further along was a pair of abandoned bicycles where Chainsaw decided to leave a message for Pedo not to steal them.

            A lil while later TCT & Chainsaw caught up with T-bag @ a boob check, where he allegedly been waiting for nearly 15 minutes, so we all decided to remedy that knowing that the b-iatches were @ least a ½ hour behind.

            Thru the shaggy maze past all the towers & down to the sake stop, Texas & TCT  decided to draw a chalk outline & Chainsaw thoughtfully included (しにがみ) (reaper) pointing towards the chalk outline. After the sake stop, Psycho took off again only to be discovered hunched over in agony. Fake injury we decided. So Texas T-bag took over as the hare & was soon caught by SMG & TCT.

            Thus forth SMG had fucked off. Only T-bag, TCT & chainsaw would finish the nearly 20k trail as the rest auto-hashed. Other noteworthy violations: Well who could say?

Chainsaw Assacre