Apr 24, 2011

Hash Trash 2011 April 24 Sushi Run

Present: Psychodrunk, One Dog Sleeping, Follows Children, Happy SM, Screw Drive Her, Stick a Dick in It (STD), Chin Chin 2.2, Pie Pan, Twat Waffle, Snowball, Eifel of Penis, Brown Eyed Dragon, NFN Josh (Moulin Pooson), Virgin NFN Ben, Virgin NFN Drew, Virgin NFN John.

Late Comers: Sphincter and Chainsaw Assacre

Everyone met at Nimitz Park for a day of hashing throughout Sasebo. Chalk Talk was conducted by Sushi Cow Girl as the hare, after which Karaoke Porn Star blessed the hare and away the hare went. For some reason KP had a bad excuse and was not able to hound on this trail as his last day in Japan. It was still good to see him there for everyone to say goodbye. A little practice singing held by the song miester, and the hounds were away. The run went out the main gate of Nimitz Park and towards the front entrance to the base. After running past the base, the trail made a right and headed towards the hills of Sasebo. We ran along the street for a short while as the trail went up a set of stairs and into the woods. Plenty of chad was laid down as the trail went through the woods until meeting a road. The road would have been easy to follow, but instead the trail went up a long, long, long flight of stairs which included a good view of Sasebo harbor. After climbing about a thousand stairs, the trail led back into the woods and up the face of the mountain. As the trail went up and up and up and up we eventually made it to one of the hotels near the top of Mt Yumahari. The trail led to a few out-of-breath taking views of Sasebo Harbor and 99 Islands, before going behind the view points. This is where NFN John (a virgin) snared the hare. What type of a hare gets snared by a virgin? After waiting around for awhile and allowing everyone to catch up, the hounds were back on trail heading down a portion of the mountain. When reaching the turkey eagle true trail point, most people took the rope line down as far as they could. Somehow there was not enough rope to go all the way down, which is why others were smart enough to go the turkey route. After running down a road for a little bit the hare took everyone down the face of the mountain, through a few thorn bushes, and near a danger sign for what might have been an electric fence. Once leaving the face of the mountain, the trail crossed a road and went down another thousand stairs. At least these stairs were downhill. Once at the bottom of the stairs the hounds ran through a parking lot to follow a map near Sailor Town. The down downs were held at Wendy’z in Sailor Town for Psychodrunk as the front running bastard and STD as the first bitch in. Psycho, what took you so long to be the front runner again? Brown Eyed Dragon had to down a little beer for losing his virgin on trail. Once the Grand Master Sphincter arrived, questions were asked to NFN Josh who was given a proper name, blessed, and now and forever more shall be known as Moulin Pooson. Look forward to everyone joining us for Saturday’s Trash Hash and Bar-to-Bar.

On On


Apr 19, 2011

Hash Trash 2011 April 16 KP F*#K OFF BAR TO BAR

Hashers attending were Needle Dick Princess, Ballerina Boo Boo, Karaoke Pornstar, Brown Eyed Dragon, Psychodrunk, Chainsaw Assacre, Pie Pan, eKimchi, Sushi Cow Girl, Sphincter, Happy SM, Follows Children, Puppy Face Off, and NFN Matt.
The hare tonight was Karaoke Pornstar with co-hare eKimchi. Hares away called at 1910 with KP promising shiggy, hounds departed and soon found the shiggy that led to the road heading to Dreamer. The hares soon noticed there was one hound that did not make it, Psychodrunk was lost on trail and had to use tech and call the hounds to find the first bar! The second stop led the hounds to Pixy for some much needed hydration and entertainment. Upon departing the hounds made a stop at Yamagata Paradise to participate in Japanese rock/paper/scissors song. Around the corner the hounds went to Masters. Here is where famous late cummer Happy SM joined the hash and Chainsaw Assacre requests to learn English? The next trail took the hounds to Snack Ray and Sphincter joined the hash. Here we sang F*#k off to KP since this is his last hash before departing Sasebo. After many drinks and some questions for cross dressing NFN Matt the hares laid trail to Playmate. After meeting our fellow hashers, Snowball and Flash Flower, we were off and around the corner to Westerner. Now it gets very fuzzy from here, not sure if its because of the drinks or KP's singing efforts. The hounds picked up hash treasure, another NFN Matt (I think). The next stop was River Rock, on this leg there was talk of a Co-hare snare but it is really fuzzy because of the ringing in our ears from KP's singing. Soon we were off to Wendy'z where the hashers would spend lots of time and name NFN Matt, Twat Waffle. After much rejoicing the hare laid to Love Doll. Here Follows Children and Puppy Face Off joined the hash with 2 hash treasure girls of their own! Swing low was completed in hash style and the hash went in peace to get a piece. Onon Sushi Cow Girl