May 30, 2011

Hash Trash 2011 May 29 Run #401 Typhoon Songda Scottish Bastard Run

Hashers attending were: Chainsaw Assacre (the hairless hare), Psychodrunk, Texas Tea Bag (TTB), Pink Sausage, Chin Chin 2.2, Sushi Cow Girl, NFN Maho, NFN Dave, NFN Patrick, NFN Misty, and late cummers: Eye Full of Penis, Happy SM, Sphincter, Needle Dick Princess and guest, Naga Suck Me, and Pie Pan.

The hash started with hare away called and then the weak hounds began donning rain gear! WHAT! Rain gear, it is only a typhoon get over it! 12 minutes later hounds away were called and off the pack went with TTB and Psychodrunk finding the trail leading out the main entrance of Nimitz Park. Past the main gate and too the right the trail would go, then up the hill as if we were going to Mt. Yumahari once again, well not quite. The trail would soon turn and follow the road toward UBUD hotel. Just before the hotel the trail would turn and go into the shiggy. Soon the trail would disappear and the hounds would learn the hare was making turns without intersections. The hounds soon found the trail, which came out of the shiggy to a road then up many stairs. At the top of the stairs once again no intersection? Later the hounds would learn front running bastard Psychodrunk did not call the pack because he wanted to be a hound of one and catch the hare (more on this later). The hounds would find the trail going down hill and then a shortcut to what seemed to be a dead ended trail again. Soon the pack found the hare captured by Psychodrunk just to find out the hare ran out of chalk but kept running anyway!!! The hounds provided the hare with chalk and sent him away once again. This time the trail would lead down the hill to the freeway on ramps then around the corner to Nimitz entrance. Upon entering the park Chin Chin 2.2 would once again catch the hare!

Down Downs were held at Sasebo park where the hare would drink for many trail violations and then drink some more for his chalk failures and hairless snares. Psychodrunk would drink for leaving his fellow hounds behind and thinking of only himself. Must have been the typhoon that clouded his memory but we cleared it up with many beverages and songs. Eye full of Penis would cum late and drink for missing the hash due to sex with the cable guy. Chin Chin 2.2 would drink for sending his virgin, NFN Maho, back to Fukuoka on the 1500 bus at 1545 and without a proper hash send off. Pink Sausage would run off early to listen to the radio. NFN Dave would drink from his shoes, with a sock strainer, for cleansing the shoes prior to the hash. NFN Patrick and NFN Misty would drink for shortcutting. NFN Patrick and the hare for sex after trail while retrieving the beverages and forgetting the bottle opener. All hares associated with Texas would drink because when one Texan drinks all Texans drink.

Onon took us to Napoli where out of town hasher Chatterpussy would introduce herself to the hash members. This is also where Birthday hasher Pie Pan would join the hash. Ononon went to Playmates where Naga Suck Me would watch the guys play with there balls on the pool table. Fellow Hashers Snowball and Flashflower were there to greet us as was non-hasher Tomoko.

Next hash will be Saturday, pick up at 1800 followed by bar to bar.

On on Sushi Cow Girl