Sep 29, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 September 26 Trail Was Shitty But Beer Was Good

Sunday’s hash turned out perfect, perfect weather and an awesome trail to hash. Texas T-bag was the hare for this particular hash. Unfortunately for all of us Sasebo Hashers, Texas T-bag hared it Tokyo style, but of course our keen sense as hounds helped us overcome the many obstacles. The course started off at Sasebo’s main train station. We formed up and hopped the next train to Haiki Station, where we followed Tokyo style arrows to the starting point. Participants included: One Dog Sleeping, Strike Out, Happy SM (She finally decided to stop backsliding), Ju-On (late arrival with a hangover), Psychodrunk, Pedo-Kazu, Gingerbread Dildo, No Name Yuki (to be named at her next hash), and Muff Diver (A visitor from our sister city Albuquerque, who previously hashed in the Middle East). Pink Sausage also joined us, but she was in charge of transporting the spirits. Hare away was called and Texas T-bag set out to mark his puzzling Tokyo markings. 12 minutes was given for the hare to get a head (“Head! Who said Head…). The pack set out at the usual walking pace for an additional three minutes. After 3 minutes of walking we found ourselves completely confused with the Tokyo markings. No time to enjoy the scenic views, since we had to study the pavement puzzle. After a few Check Backs with no number, we started getting used to this foreign system. After many checkpoints and a Mario Brothers’ type river crossing, we found ourselves at the foot of a hill climb, marked Beer Near 70 meters. We set up the hill and after about 200 meters (I guess meters are longer in Tokyo), we arrived at the scenic beer check, Biasutopu Dam. We soon discovered a fellow hasher was nowhere in sight, Ju-On was running his own trail somewhere. Psychodrunk used Tech on Trail and called Ju-On by cell. Unfortunately when Ju-On came into sight he was on the wrong side of the river and had to back track to the crossing. After 25 minutes Ju-On arrived and we immediately called “Hounds Away”. After a long run down the mountain we crossed a rice field and spotted a message from the hare that said: De Ja Vu. We soon understood when we saw another rock crossing across the river. A leisurely city run brought us to a stairway to hell. After the long traverse up the stairs, we continued on to the finish and Psychodrunk, the front running bastard signed in at 1600. The hare finished at 1530 and was not caught thanks to Ju-On’s sight seeing detour. The circle was set and down downs began. Of course the hare drank for such a shitty trail. Two participants (Happy SM and Pedo-Kazu) would drink from their shoes, Happy for washing her shoes before the run and Pedo-Kazu for wearing new “Toilet” shoes. Gingerbread Dildo asked to be renamed, he said his name was too long, (or the dildo was too long, not sure). We asked a few questions and told the wanker to go away and the kangaroo court began. After tossing a few names around, only one stuck: Akagay. In Japanese this means Red hair as I understand, but being hashers, we gave it a little twist, so now and forever more, Gingerbread Dildo will be known as, “A.K.A.Gay”. Swing Low was sung and onon brought us to the Curry House, CoCo Ichibanya at 1800. After a nice plate of curry we decided the ononon would be Play Mates and we car pooled to our next beverage stand. Onononon for a few was Makati Bar. Onon, One Dog Sleeping

Sep 20, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 September 18 Bar To Bar Elitists

As expected the hash participation has plummeted. The members that gathered at Nimitz Park this night were: One Dog Sleeping, Nagasuckme, and Pyschodrunk. We waited a few minutes for more members to show, but no one happened along. One Dog Sleeping volunteered to hare the first leg of this bar-to-bar and hare away was called. The two remaining hounds waited the traditional 12 minutes and just before hounds away was called, DickMcSemen showed. The three hounds were off. An intersection was laid just before Albuquerque bridge. True trail crossed the bridge only to be met with another intersection on the opposite side. True trail went past Family Mart, then past Starbucks and up the Ginza toward Saki Town. Another intersection was set about halfway up the Ginza. True trail brought the pack through a small alley that led to 35, where another intersection awaited. The hare hinted that with such a small group, maybe he would find a small bar to stop at. The trail continued down 35 back towards sailor town. Many intersections were met and the pack crossed 35 a couple times. Now the trail was going toward the City Hall, but another intersection was set and the trail turned left and winded around with many intersections. Finally as the pack passed Shooters, a “Beer Near” was detected. With an intersection in front of playmates, Psychodrunk immediately headed to Makati Bar, where a “Finish” was marked. The door flew open only to discover there was no hare? Backtracking to the last intersection, the pack discovered the true finish to be Polo Bar. This discovery was made one hour after the hounds left Nimitz Park. The finish in front of Makati was an old marking. After a short rest at Polo, One Dog Sleeping volunteered for the second leg and hare away was sounded. The trail went past Napoli and into the Ginza again. The trail winded back to sailor town and the hounds discovered a beer near in the Snake (The alley with the majority of the sailor bars). Finish was finally discovered in front of Double A, the bar was Rose chicks. Third leg was also set by One Dog Sleeping, he asked for a 1 minute lead time. Hounds away was sounded and as the pack opened the door they discovered true trail across the alley and finish in front of Double A, (21:05). DickMcSemen was elected to hare the forth leg. Forth leg found the pack at Anchor Bar (21:25). Swimsinshit Joined the pack at this time. He is an old Sasebo Hasher that was on vacation from the states. The next legs are a little blurry for me, but I believe Psychodrunk led us to Playmates where Ju-on and his girlfriend were discovered. Ju-on and friend were elected to run the next leg. The hounds were away only to find a pretty shitty trail with a crossed out CB4 and other fouls. The trail eventually led us to Mos Burger. The next leg was set by Nagasuckme and Swimsinshit. This trail would wind around sailor town and end at Bounce. DickMcSemen was penalized for wearing new shoes once again. After straining his beer through his sock and into his shoe, he pursued with his downdown. Tonight’s hash was agreed upon to end at 24:00 since Psychodrunk and others had work. Onon led a few of the pack to Makati Bar for a nightcap. OnOn One Dog Sleeping