Mar 29, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 Mar 29 Pretty In Pink

Hashers and harriettes in pink became the very center of public attention in the Saikai Bridge Park with a large crowd enjoying the cherry blossoms on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Although the hare was approved to set a dead trail, Sphincter as the founder of the kennel insisted on being a live hare taking pride in the Sasabo Hash tradition. The pack gathered at Nimitz Park USO at 1300, at the same time the hare started to lay his trail with one hour head start. Two-digit number of hashers - Happy SM, Naga Suck Me, Strike Out, Phone Sex, Psychodrunk, NFN Evan, NFN Kana, NFN Kazuyuki and two virgins, George and Saori - carpooled from the Nimitz Park USO to the start, then run started at 1415. Started with a light shiggy, trail went to the seaside through the Corazon Hotel. Psychodrunk took the wildest guess and found a major shortcut by intuition and a keen sense of smell of flour. PD pulled ahead of the rest of the pack with some guilty feeling being a shortcutting bastard against his hashing philosophy. When we hit the Route 202, Naga Suck Me snared the hare @1440. PD's ungentleman-like behavior disappointed Sphincter deeply. But remember that live haring always has an ignominious fate of being caught. The pack was compassionate and gave him another 15 minutes head start. While we are waiting, Psychodrunk returned to the primary trail in order to prove the hare's achievement. PD caught up the honest hashers who did not shortcut - Strike Out, NFN Evan and Kazu, and then the four hashers witnessed the Sphincter's unbelievable achievement - CB48. After counting 48 for 10 minutes, all the pack got together and resumed the run. Trail went to the Saikai Bridge Park filled with thousands of people holding feasts under the flowering trees. This mysterious mob of pink attires became the target of laughter. Disregarding the eyes of all the people, we stopped at the Hanami intersection for hash flash. Then the trail continued to the new Saikai Bridge as we expected. We were about to catch the hare again, but newly marked Virgin Check obstructed our way. And what was even worse, several time-consuming intersections slowed the pack's progress. When we hit the route 202 again, BEER NEAR sign finally appeared. The trail finished at the observation deck in the park. But the most important item - BEER was not there. Psychodrunk could not bear to watch the wounded beer meister to go back to the beer van, so PD ran as fast as he could to the start point to accomplish the most important duty of beer meister - getting beer to the finish. Actually this was the most embarrassing moment for PD in this run. Down-down went off smoothly without a hitch. The confrontation between Psychodrunk and NFN Evan for the Most Pink Award finally came to an end with the prize going to NFN Evan. And PD falsely accused Sphicter of not wearing pink attire simply because PD found his unworn pink apron in the vehicle. We went to the maritime beer garden Koeimaru for On On, where we enjoyed 10kg oyster and Karaoke songs. Then we moved back in town to Playmate. And another motion was proposed by NFN Evan to regularize bar-to-bar runs fortnightly. But the decision was put off only to make a tentative plan on April 3rd. Upcumming events of April are two regular runs on 11th and 25th both hared by Psychodrunk and 17th bar-to-bar Denim Run hared by Naga Suck Me and Happy SM. In order to conduct costume runs, we need more than at least 10 hashers. What we are required to do is recruiting new members. Recruit, recruit, recruit! On On Psychodrunk

Mar 24, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 Mar 20 Bar-to-bar Run

Hi everyone! Hares were Psychodrunk and Ooh-La-La. They made looong trail. Harriers were Screw-Drive-Her, PhoneSex, HaapySM and Naga-suck-me at the begining. Later on Sphincter, No name Evan (Is it collect spelling?) joined. I did hare seventh bar "LOVE DOOLL" to eighth bar "Polo" with Sphincter. It was fun for me. Naga-suck-me wore running skirt again. It's nice on her. I like it. The night, we -Sasebo HHH- met some new hashers and some guys and girls who interested in HASH. Hope to see them next time. I already get something pink (of course cutie one) for SAKURA run. See you all on March 28th. onon
written by Sasebo HHH super cutie 2009 HappySM