Jun 14, 2011

Hash Trash 2011 June 12 Slippery When Wet A.K.A Reverse Cowgirl Run

As we all gathered on this ½ ass rainy day at Nimitz park for the Sunday trail, For Run # “40Free” as Psycho proclaimed. Sushi Cow Girl had just given a brief description of the trail to be. To include all the shiggy, the hash flashes & the likelihood of crossing a river. The Hare was away. 12 minutes later the hounds were away. Then shortly after discovering the intersection just past the park the hounds “lost scent” That’s right the hounds lost the “scent” after searching 369° for nearly an hour the next intersection was found on a light pole nearly washed away by the rain, and the hounds continued their pursuit. Further following led the pack past Hikari & log kit. A part of the trail in which we have followed before, Up the Stairs and towards what some of the hounds thought was up to Mt. Yumihari (again). Upon discovery of the side intersection & down a flight of stairs we were back on trail. This would lead the hounds to a crossover of Chainsaw’s previous trail where some the pack were briefly confused by some of the old trail marks that were still in place. Shortly thereafter it was JJ the Jet plane who picked up on trail again. JJ would later “get lost” at a check back going further up the mountain. Lost and confused JJ would later stumble upon the trail but failed to snare the hare. Thus to labled as a short cutting bastard. On-On went the rest of the pack. At the top of the hill past the cemetery and to the left, There was some short lived confusion about the map. Onto and further up the mountain the pack paused for a hash flash near a raging waterfall and then a shrine. Nearby the shrine manko…..polo discovered the true trail mark fashioned out of rope of all things. After a near sideways slip, NFN Kenny nearly wound up with a stick up the ass. Further along and thru a clearing up to the top of the hill led us to a shrine and a hell of view for another hash flash. Where NFN Kenny & NFN Jackass decided to take a “bath” All the while Manko… Polo decided to be the fan girl for this pose. It was there that the CB12 was found. Back to the new intersection and down to a dead end, the trail was found going back to the shiggy down the mountain. After a more few near slip and falls. Another slip and fall, this time it was NFN Jackass in a vain attempt to break his fall by grabbing a shrubbery. Seems like sex with trees just wasn’t enough and NFN Jackass attempted to Uproot trees, shrubs and flowers, literally. Finally the pack was out of the shiggy and onward down hill. Well almost all of the pack. B.E.D would try to talk Naga into sex on trail only to reject his self? May be the trail was to filthy or his “body condom” was just not sufficient enough? Onwards towards the end, well the no beer near part in the parking area of an apartment building, where a slightly confused Psychodrunk made his way to the top of the building. At last making our way to the finish there was a tricky intersection right across the street from the base, where a few hounds turned left to no avail. This is where Psychodrunk would “jaywalk” and nearly get hit by a car in the process. Back around to the park to find another no beer near then finally finishing at Wendy’s for the down downs, discussing the trail and other hash business before Swing Low. On On Chainsaw Assacre