Jan 19, 2013

Hash Trash 2013 January 19 #497 Suck My Gayballs Run

Present: Texas T-Bag, OCDD, Chainsaw Assacre, NFN’s Patrick, (virgins) Mark, Shawn
Hare(s): Suck My Gumballs, Akage
Latecummer: Captain Jack Swallows

          So there we were, no bullshit. A rather nice day out, hell any day is a good hashing day. For all in attendance was the infamous half minds gathering in Nimitz park. Same bat time, same bat channel it was. As it would turn out to be a sadistic trail going up towards Mt Eboshidake,

          Hares away, as the standard 12 minutes we wait, to take off. Hounds away to an intersection. By the USO. Veering right as we thought it would go only to find a BT on the bridge. Texas Got it right, whereas we thought he was shortcutting from the jump.  Ehh wrong answer.

          Back on track to the stairs going towards Mt Yumihari confused briefly by an intersection from last week, the pack soon after found the way. Leading out by the Elephant store where there was brief confusion again, but not for long as trail led crossing 35 to a CB5 leading up some more stairs.

          Damn these devious hares to lead us up to an observatory to see a the 1st violation of a checkback to a true trail arrow, say it isn’t so!! On-On down to the street up and across the ball field then on to the 1st beer stop, where we noticed, that NFN Shawn was nowhere to be seen. Oh shit, another abandoned virgin!!

        A breath of relief as NFN Shawn made his way to the beer stop. Apparently he paid attention in “class” a term used loosely as really being chalk talk and the fact half minds lacking in the class department.

          Moving up MT Eboshidake, we passed by Hotel Cara, but where the hell was the whistle check? This didn’t stop Chainsaw, as he did anyway. No luck on naked people coming to the window this time. Moving right along he did to the 2nd beer stop just in time for hash flash. But passing on free beer!! (Say it isn’t so)

          Noteworthy violations: Chainsaw for Shortcutting, passing on the beer stop, allegedly making up the story of catching the hare. SMG & Akage for no whistle check. Smoking in circle Chainsaw & NFN Shawn.  And of course Captain Jack Swallows for being a latecummer!



Chainsaw Assacre

Jan 13, 2013

Hash Trash 2013 January 13 #496 Captain Steamer Run

Present: Psychodrunk, Free ball Friday, Suck My Gumballs, Beaver Fister, Akage, Sushi Cowgirl, Chainsaw Assacre, Daddy’s Porn Star, NFN’s Patrick & Young-Suk.
Hare(s): Romanian Steamer & Captain Jack Swallows.
Snare: Free Ball Friday

        1300 on a beautiful hashing day at Nimitz park, a slight breeze to freeze the cajones off of assembled hashers, Chainsaw Assacre, Sushi Cowgirl, Freeball Friday, Suck My Gumballs, Beaver Fister and a long lost Daddys Porn Star as we all waited for the hares Russian Steamer (or is it Romanian; I don't remember, Ive slept and drank since then) and captain jack swallows who of course were late to greet the hounds.

They even asked for more time to start trail. Once greetings were given soon enough the hares were called away and the hashers waited and waited and waited to be set loose. once free of the USO, the trail led up the hill toward the mushroom stand. Lo and behold an intersection, trail was quickly found and the hounds were off toward the stage through what was unfortunately the only bit of mud we were to see on that run.

          The trail slowly wound its way through Sasebo's lovely residential district, there were even several dogs to cheer us on our hunt for the hares. Many many intersections later near the town hall, Freeball Friday and DPS were standing at the latest in a chain of intersections talking about absolutely nothing of importance when Freeball Friday jumps up and bolts toward an alley, DPS sprinted after him as he jumps over crates and the occasional cat through the narrow alley and pulls out none other than romanian steamer and the captain trying to crawl deeper into the alley.

Many minutes of trash talking followed at the hares being caught not by the front runners but the ones lagging behind. Once the abuse was dealt, the hares were off (asking for more time again) they were quickly found by the returning front runners.

          Chainsaw Assacre and Beaver Fister as they wandered into the friendly neighborhood supermarket to which the rest of the hounds gathered for their beverage of choice. As we finished the last of our drinks, it was noted that Chainsaw Assacre ran off again not even enjoying a beverage with his fellow hashers. With the trial gone cold, it took many RU's and blind wandering to find true trail which led to a winding trail which slowly led the hounds back toward nimitz park.

 Of course the front runner had already cracked open his beverage of choice as the last bastard (NFN Patrick) marked his name down at the finish then had to walk toward the patio where the down downs were to be held.  During the Down Down, many false accusations and many a brew were had before deciding to run a second leg. Daddys Pornstar and Freeball Friday decided to be lazy bastards and sit drinking the beer with romanian Steamer and Captain Jack Swallows.

On On,


Daddy’s Porn star

Jan 1, 2013

Hash Trash 2013 January 1 Run #494 New Year Hangover Psycho Path

Survivors of the New Year’s Eve run gathered for an early start to run #494 at Nimitz Park.  Moments before the scheduled start, it was raining and the temperature was a mere 3C.  The weather was cold and wet, but just as city sirens marked noon, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds.  Hashers present were Psychodrunk, Chainsaw Assacre, Free Ball Friday, AKAGay, SMG, Ju-On and his nephew NFN Tenma, and a visiting Nagoya H3 harriett by the name of Daikon-Do-Me.
As usual, Psychodrunk promised to hare a flat, short trail with a beer stop that included actual free beer a beer stop.  However he neglected to qualify his statement, by adding it would be the shortest, flattest trail “of 2013”.
From the USO, the trail headed straight out the main entrance of Nimitz Park and crossed International Boulevard where Pscyho placed an intersection.  True trail headed north towards the expressway entrance, then veered west along the north edge of Dragon Vale housing.  After ascending the long stairway next to the expressway entrance, Psycho took true trail west for several hundred meters of Imafuku-Cho and then the long climb began in earnest.  The trail followed several stairways and sidewalks upward, before leveling out at the Ubud Love Hotel.   From there the trail went westward on the main road for almost 1km and suddenly took a sharp right and plunged into the forest. 
Wet rocks and muddy soil made for a slippery trail, but gradually the pack followed it upward.  Daikon Do Me, Chainsaw, and Ju-On’s nephew led the pack through this shiggy, past abandoned terraces and home sites in the forest.  Much of the ascent was spent on open forest terrain, with only toilet paper serving as the guide.  With the wet conditions, pulling yourself up by grabbing on tree branches was critical.  Many hashers slipped and suffered hash gash, a muddy bum, or spilled minor blood on trail.  After about 45 minutes of a steady upward climb, the trail suddenly emerged from the shiggy at the base of the Mt. Yumihari Observation Platform. 
The beer stop actually existed as promised.  Psycho’s cooler was stocked with ice cold Yebisu at the end of one of the Yumihari observation decks.  Much of the wooden walkway was covered with a few millimeters of snow, and occasional snow flurries pelted the pack with snow pellets as they enjoyed their beer.
From the observation deck, the trail traveled north over the summit of Yumihari by the old artillery battery, then back down to the north parking lot.  At this point, the FRBs did a really shitty job of clearing an intersection, but after a few minutes your humble correspondent was able to find the true trail leading down an improved hiking trail to the northeast.   Other hashers apparently were less determined.
Unconfirmed reports indicate that AKAGay crossed through the park at the summit of Mt Yumihari, but upon seeing that the trail again plunged back into the forest, he, Ju-On, and Free Ball Friday decided to investigate other options to finish the run.  They walked to the Yumihari Hotel, and found that there was a free bus.  The only catch was that a minimum purchase was needed for the free ride.  They soon discovered that the hotel’s onsen spa was only 600 Yen, and decided to soak in the warm rejuvenating waters.  Meanwhile, back at Sasebo Park, SMG, Chainsaw, Psycho, Texas and NFN Tenma were standing out in the cold waiting for the DFLs to return.
On the way down from Yumihari, Psychodrunk let a much more civilized trail, keeping the trail mostly on paved roads.  Eventually, he took the trail back into the neighborhoods above the expressway entrance, descending along narrow sidewalks and stairways.    A few hundred meters above the expressway interchange, he laid one intersection too many, resulting in a hare snare.  Chainsaw and the NFN Tenma came across this intersection, snaring Psychodrunk as he returned from laying a false trail.
The pack followed the trail back to Sasebo Park without further incident, arriving at 1400.  As for the DFLs, they arrived at the finish at 1530.  Swing low was at 1600, followed by an OnOn party in Yonkacho.
OnOn, Texas T-Bag