Jan 19, 2013

Hash Trash 2013 January 19 #497 Suck My Gayballs Run

Present: Texas T-Bag, OCDD, Chainsaw Assacre, NFN’s Patrick, (virgins) Mark, Shawn
Hare(s): Suck My Gumballs, Akage
Latecummer: Captain Jack Swallows

          So there we were, no bullshit. A rather nice day out, hell any day is a good hashing day. For all in attendance was the infamous half minds gathering in Nimitz park. Same bat time, same bat channel it was. As it would turn out to be a sadistic trail going up towards Mt Eboshidake,

          Hares away, as the standard 12 minutes we wait, to take off. Hounds away to an intersection. By the USO. Veering right as we thought it would go only to find a BT on the bridge. Texas Got it right, whereas we thought he was shortcutting from the jump.  Ehh wrong answer.

          Back on track to the stairs going towards Mt Yumihari confused briefly by an intersection from last week, the pack soon after found the way. Leading out by the Elephant store where there was brief confusion again, but not for long as trail led crossing 35 to a CB5 leading up some more stairs.

          Damn these devious hares to lead us up to an observatory to see a the 1st violation of a checkback to a true trail arrow, say it isn’t so!! On-On down to the street up and across the ball field then on to the 1st beer stop, where we noticed, that NFN Shawn was nowhere to be seen. Oh shit, another abandoned virgin!!

        A breath of relief as NFN Shawn made his way to the beer stop. Apparently he paid attention in “class” a term used loosely as really being chalk talk and the fact half minds lacking in the class department.

          Moving up MT Eboshidake, we passed by Hotel Cara, but where the hell was the whistle check? This didn’t stop Chainsaw, as he did anyway. No luck on naked people coming to the window this time. Moving right along he did to the 2nd beer stop just in time for hash flash. But passing on free beer!! (Say it isn’t so)

          Noteworthy violations: Chainsaw for Shortcutting, passing on the beer stop, allegedly making up the story of catching the hare. SMG & Akage for no whistle check. Smoking in circle Chainsaw & NFN Shawn.  And of course Captain Jack Swallows for being a latecummer!



Chainsaw Assacre

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