Aug 13, 2012

Hash Trash 2012 August 12 Run #471 The Adventurous Run of a Few Dedicated Hashers

Present: Chainsaw Assacre, Psychodrunk, Whinny the Pooh, Suck My Gumballs, NFN Scott.

Hot and Humid for a very small turnout. This pick-up started with Chainsaw Assacre leading us to McDonalds. From there the clever hare almost lost us going through the park by the gym with a curvy true trail pointing slightly to a side street across the street. Up we went, slowed by the fact Chainsaw can't count while marking checkbacks. Up and up we went till we found a map saying go to shell. We found the trail and a no blow as we passed a small shrine into the shiggy. Full of spiders and mosquitos, the trail went almost vertical for a bit before leveling off. The first three hounds almost all fell into a big hole well hidden by foliage. We soon discovered this was a bear shitter, and the bear was not happy to have have hounds tromping through his home. As we cowered in fear and the bear was about to strike, there came a loud "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" from our left. Everyone (including the bear) turned to see what it was, just in time to see Whinny the Pooh (who had been a minute or so behind the group) connect with a solid right hook to the bear's jaw. We left Whinny and the bear to duke it out as we ran for our lifes, up another 50 meters or so till we found the trail leading to the road. As we burst from the shiggy and ran, we caught up with the hare, who was sitting on some steps having a smoke. Psychodrunk grabbed the chalk and kept going to hare the next leg, as we filled in Chainsaw. Feeling at fault for a possibly dead Whinny, he offered to wait, and see what became of the galuent hasher. On we went, not knowing the fate of our fellow hasher. We soon found that as well as being as bad as Chainsaw at counting checkbacks, Psychodrunk also doesn't mind forgetting to put no blows next to cemeterys. As we came down the hill, we were slowed by an "elephant near" sign. Thinking this was the store he would be buying the beer at, as there was no beer miester on this hash, we crossed the street and began checking around the store. Silly us, was not to be, so we found trail and pushed on. We followed trail from in intersection to 35, and, as I'm sure Psychodrunk knew we would, crossed to see if the trail kept on. It did not, and so we had to wait to cross back. It was at this point that NFN Scott, knowing the hare would have to cross 35 at some point, left to shortcut by following 35 to pick up the trail at a later point. We ended up in the park by the elephant store some may remember from the first ever store to store. NFN Scott was the Front Running Bastard, followed by Suck My Gumballs. Whinny the Pooh and Chainsaw Assacre showed up a few minutes later, with Whinny limping, blind from missing his glasses and sporting a few nice big scares on the left side of his face. As he was still alive, we chose to assume he had won. When asked, his only comment was "poor Yogi" Down-Downs commenced and, with so many accusations of new shows flying around, the first ever, to the knowledge of those present, shoe social was downed. However, as the person who the first accusation was levyed against started with the wrong shoe, the second ever shoe social was downed, with everyone using there other shoe. We the proceeded to give NFN Scott a fuck off as he was going to see a movie, though it was kinda pointless as we ran out of beer and had to swing low 30 seconds later. The remaining few found themselves at Anchor for the beginning of the ON-ON Mini Bar to Bar, where we ran into Rusty's T-bone. He was not counted as a late commer as the Hash was over, his excuse? Work. Darts were shot, beer was drank, and we moved on the Gramophone. More beer was drank and then it was off to Mama-San's
for some food. From there we all went our seperate ways.

Suck My Gumballs