Oct 23, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 October 10 Run Slower Than Molasses

Sooo we all started off at the train station by Micky Dee's, left on time, but as always Strike Out was looking around and saw that there was a concert coming up and pointed it out to Naga. After a lengthy train ride we all got out, and eventually got grouped together so Psycho persuaded a passerby to take a group picture. HARES AWAY, and off went Psycho. (Strike Out watched to see what direction he took to a least give the hounds a fighting start) After several wrong turns, One Dog Sleeping and Texas T-bag found the trail and led the rest. After a few confusing intersections, Texas T-bag seemed to have found the way, but kept going... Naga, One Dog, Pink Sausage, Stike Out and NFN Stephen were left to figure out where the trail went. After several steps up and down and some times through peoples yards, we found the right way and took off to make up lost time. Up through neighborhoods, winding roads and past a school where some of us almost got hit by passing cars, we went till we came to several rice fields that were just then being harvested. Of course Strike Out had to take more pictures and got further behind the process. After another "bad trail" we doubled back and headed further up hill, more farm land and vistas to take pictures of. We passed some sports recreation area, following the "true trail" that Texas T-bag had blazed for us, almost to the foot of the mountains. So the 5 of us (Naga, Pink Sausage, One Dog Sleeping, Strike Out and NFN Stephen walked for the most part back down the hill, (after much sex on trail by Naga, Pink Sausage and Strike Out... Unfortunately his camera batteries died right at the perfect moment, so there is no proof of this happening... ) Passing by the rice fields etc, till once again Strike Out stopped to take pictures of some road side flowers, when some guy beckoned him to come over to see his garden.... Well he has these things we dubbed as "dangly things" growing from an awning in his yard, then he led us out back, Pink Sausage acted as interpreter, and before we all left, Strike Out had a bag full of these things. Nice diversion, but it put us all behind, all in the name of cultural sharing I guess. We all continued down the hill back into town, dangly things in hand, but the fun wasn't over yet! Several more intersections and a few more pictures ended us at a small festival, with Psycho standing idly by, beer in hand waiting for the rest of us to show up. Naga got an ice cream/frozen ice thing... yummy, Strike Out needed water badly! We all hoped on the train for the rocking (literally) ride back into town. Down down was held outside Nimitz park as always, where we feasted on a variety of health food, oreos, chips and much beer. Since our song master wasn't present, we did the best we could and sang a few drinking songs... a few times over. When it was time for On-on, once again it was unanimously voted that we head to Nipp-olies. At this point Naga took off on us and we haven't seen her since : ( where she was missed at the On-on-on after supper (spend at Playmates where at last our song master Happy SM made an appearance!) On on +++> Strike Out