Jul 14, 2011

Hash Trash 2011 July 10 #407 Shrine Run A.K.A “The Lame Hare”

It all started on a hellfire hot Sunday afternoon at Shimanose Park right by the Starbucks. Not too long after the lame hare Psychodrunk had concluded the chalk talk. Hare away, shortly there after we would be cross paths with the G.I Hobo again. Meanwhile Brown Eye Dragon & NFN Sandra would try to get some “pussy” A 3-way before trail? Awesome idea, but that was not the case. 12 minutes later “hounds awayAcross 35, over the ditch & thru the woods to hash house we shall go. I say thbru the ditch, because Sushi Cow Girl decided to, just because he can I guess. Trail was soon regained up the stairs then down over into a small patch of shiggy by an empty water tank. Shortly thereafter we passed hotel 21, but failed to do a whistle check. Past the hotel up the street then to a residential section of town where we almost got lost again. At this point O.D.S discovered the 1st of 2 pieces of hash treasure in form a page from a porno mag. Up the ladder into another small section shiggy and onward the pack was in pursuit. Up and down the hills and stairs where we would discover dead pussy on trail. Down, Up and over is where O.D.S would have to call it quits, damn the heat. NFN Sandra also had to cut it short as to make sure ODS got into a cab & made it back. They would later be accused of sex in the cab during the down-down. Back on the street past the construction site is where Chainsaw Assacre found a dart gun which is the 2nd bit of hash treasure. Further along past a series of intersections, the hounds would find a CB 6 lthus leaving us confused and searching for damn near ½ an hour until true trail was found again. This would lead the pack into some more shiggy and finally the only shrine we would pass thru. Trail was further followed up the hill into more shiggy. Up to the top the pack nearly lost trail again but not for long as we would ultimately trespass thru a small tunnel leading to a parking lot of what looked like a monastery. Down around the bend is where Psychodrunk would be snared by Sushi Cow Girl and Manko……Polo. After 10 minutes, it was hounds away again. Upon resuming the pursuit, The pack found the beer stop. This is the point where Sushi and Manko would take over for an injured Psychodrunk to lead us back to Nimitz Park for the down-down, but not before giving us the slip a few times. Many items were discussed during the down-downs to include Twat Waffles anal-versary and NFN Dave’s abbreviated naming. Questions were asked and NFN Dave who was given a proper name, blessed, and now and forever more shall be known as Yano Mas. At which point all hash business had been concluded, to be followed by swing low. “May the Hash go in peace,” “May the hash get a piece.” On On Chainsaw Assacre