Feb 28, 2011

Hash Trash 2011 February 27 The Hash That No One Finished!

Sunday morning turned out pretty promising for an afternoon hash. The hashers made their way to Nimitz Park where the hash would begin at about 1400. As the hashers arrived a soft rain started, which eventually turned into a short down pore. Present hashers were: Happy SM, One Dog Sleeping, Chainsaw Assacre, Psychodrunk, Screw Driver, NFN Dante, NFN Sly, Pi Pan, AkaGay, Snowball, Pedo Kazu and Texas 2.2. Hares for Sunday’s hash were: One Dog Sleeping and Co-hare Chainsaw Assacre. Hares away was called and the hares were off. The trail proceeded along the river to the hospital. Next it turned right and did a detour through Sailor Town. Sailor town was a must since One Dog Sleeping is the king of bar-to-bars. The trail then turned through the Ginza and across 35 and through the Post Office parking lot. Up the hill to the Thai restaurant was the next portion and then it wound along the middle of the mountain with three consecutive down and ups. Eventually the first leg would end at Chainsaw Assecre’s mansion, unfortunately the hares were the only two hashers that would make it this far. The hounds waited the standard 12 minutes and were away. The first confusion for the hounds was in the Ginza. After some time of making wrong turns, the hounds eventually found true trail to the Post Office. Apparently postal workers erased some of the markings in the parking lot, so the hounds were very much confused. Psychodrunk eventually discovered this and once again the hounds were on true trail. Shortly later Happy SM decided to make her own trail and was thoroughly lost for the remainder of the hash. The other hounds eventually made it to the first down and up (about halfway through the first leg) and voted to abandon trail. Eventually all the hashers made their way to Makati Bar where down downs would commenced. Makati Bar was chosen to get out of the rain, and ODS stashed the beer and snakes there before the hash began. One NFN was to be named at this hash, so the hashers proceeded to drill NFN Sly for information. Some of the names that were not good enough included: Yaba Daba Goat Fucker (a close 2nd), Came for a name, No Run Sunday, Captain Save a Ho, Eye Shooter and Cleveland Steam Cutter. Eventually a name was decided on and NFN Sly now and forever more is named: Goat Fuck Yerself. Texas 2.2 requested to be renamed and after much deliberation, Texas 2.2 was renamed: Chin Chin 2.2. OnOn was Playmates and OnOnOn for a few of the hashers was once again Makati Bar. Next hash run will be an unscheduled bar-to-bar this Saturday.


Feb 21, 2011

Hash Trash 2011 February 19 GRIDLEY Virgin Bar to Bar

Saturdays bar to bar was a rookie experience with three virgins and two unnamed hashers. Two of the virgins to join this hash were visiting from USS GRIDLEY. To start there were only three named hashers, but in true Sasebo tradition, the hash began on time. The first leg was co-haired with One Dog Sleeping and Brown Eyed Dragon and was a 5K that would have made Psychodrunk proud. Along the way, the hounds came across Happy SM, who made it to Makati for the first finish. The second leg was haired by Brown Eyed Dragon and Chainsaw Assacre who led everyone to Blue Js. Leg three was haired by One Dog Sleeping and Chainsaw Assacre and led everyone to Polo where down downs were conducted. All the virgins including NFN Matt, NFN Joe, and NFN John were properly inducted to Sasebo HHH. Also, NFN Matt and NFN Sly were re-introduced to the Sasebo HHH. All sponsors were properly punished for having virgins as well. From there Happy SM haired a leg which led us to Takuan-no-Shippo where Pedo Kazu joined us. Inside the toilet was a chalked stitch, but who had time to do that? NFN Matt and NFN Matt arm wrestled for who would be the good Matt and who would have the lucky name as Bad Matt. From there, Brown Eyed Dragon, NFN Bad Matt, and NFN Sly took the lead as hairs bringing everyone to Saki town for a brief stop at the Romanian Bar. A few karaoke songs and drinks meant it was time to hair again. Brown Eyed Dragon and NFN Sly haired the group to Subic back in the sanctuary of Sailor Town. Everyone took the time to enjoy some free food for Meg’s birthday. NFN Matt and NFN Joe left here to try their luck in Sailor Town before returning to their ship. After everyone had eaten it was Hairs away where Brown Eyed Dragon (again) was out the door with NFN Bad Matt where they led everyone the long way to the River Rock. A few minutes there, and it was time to head out the door. The hounds went chasing after One Dog Sleeping who was found at Playmates. Snowball and Flash Flower were already working there, but enjoyed a little time with their Hash Brothers and Sisters. After that it was Hair away with Brown Eyed Dragon (yet again) taking everyone to Bunny bar. After a little time there, One Dog Sleeping Haired the final leg to Love Doll. Down Downs and a little swinging low was properly held. May the Hash go in peace, may the hash get a piece!

On On

Brown Eyed Dragon

Feb 14, 2011

Hash Trash 2011 February 13 St. Valentine's Day Hash

Saturday was a horrible day, with gusty winds and large snowflakes falling. This horrible weather lasted from before lunch till the sun set. Everyone feared horrible weather while trying to prepare to hash a Sunday hash. The next morning was beautiful outside, partly cloudy, and warm. Naga Suck Me had been planning a Valentine’s Day hash starting at Haiki Train Station. The following co-hares hashed: Naga suck Me and Texas 2.2. The following hounds were hashing: Psychodrunk, One Dog Sleeping, Brown Eyed Dragon, Pedo Kazu, Eyeful of Penis, I Kim Chi, NFN Sachi, NFN Sean, NFN Dan, NFN Ryan. We left the train station and crossed the highway running a side road till we passed a park and met back up to the highway. After running the highway for a short while, we passed behind the police koban and ran a small river before finding a large flight of stairs. As we ran to the top, we found a beautiful temple, and ran down a long concrete hill. Upon running through a cho area till we reached a walkway crossing over the top of Highway 35. Just passed the walking bridge was a “Wines and Roses” stop. No Valentine’s Day is complete without chocolates inside of a pair of lace panties, and roses wrapped around bottles of strawberry wine. From there, NFN Sean offered wine to one of the local farmers, before jumping inside an abandoned wheel-less vehicle to try and get farther. Once everyone had a good laugh, we continued to run down the hill and to an apartment complex, which had a roadway behind it. We followed the road up a hill across the street and back down the next hill before wrapping through a different cho, and back to Highway 35. Once at the highway, we ran a short distance to the Daito Train Station, which had the finish line right behind it. The front running bastard was Texas 2.2 (who was the co-hair but got lost along the way) and the front running bitch was I Kim Chi. Because of the previous day’s horrible weather, the down down was held at Sphincter’s house. Once there hares did down downs for violations such as too many maps, bad check backs, too long of a trail, and an overall s-h-i-t-t-y-t-r-a-i-l. Three hashers were given proper names: NFN Sachi was properly named Pai Pan; NFN Sean was properly named Mama Suck Me (dare we ask?); and NFN Dan was properly named Chainsaw Assacre.

On On. Brown Eyed Dragon

Feb 9, 2011

Hash Trash Run 2011 February 5 FRONT GATE CB BAR TO BAR

The hashers attending today were Psychodrunk, Texas 2.2, One Dog Sleeping, Naga Suck Me, Puppy Face Off, Sushi Cow Girl, NFN Sly, NFN Sean, NFN Cope, Follows Children, NFN Jarrett, NFN Andrew, Stickadickinit (STD), NFN Ian, Happy SM, and Brown Eyed Dragon.
The hares for the first 7 bars would be One Dog Sleeping and Sushi Cow Girl. The first trail led to the Navy Base main gate for a CB 20, but the hounds would find a shortcut by the river and never make it to this CB. Down to Sake Town we go to the first bar Zakoya. Then a perfectly laid trail wound up at XOXO where we would have downdowns for the virgins and new cummer in town STD (this nick name was given to Stickadickinit by the Sasebo H3 at the beginning of tonight’s hash). Since the hounds took a shortcut on the first trail the hares would lay the third trail up to the Main Gate once again for a CB RIVER. After finding the trail it would lead to Makati bar. The hounds would follow the trail next to Double A, this is where the hounds noticed Nagasuckme and Texas 2.2 did not arrive. Of course the hounds knew right away what happened…sex on trail! Naga and Texas 2.2 would not be seen the rest of the hash. Next the hares laid trail to Dolphin with a follow on to Pub Royal. On the way to the next bar, River Rock, Happy SM finds the trail as a late cummer with her 2 friends. At this point everything was getting very fuzzy so I do not remember their names? Happy SM would be voted as the hare and would lay trail to Anchor bar, then on to King bar. Here Happy SM would show off her dance moves and Sushi would join in and show the local ladies his mesmerizing dance shuffle. After ensuring all the hounds were well hydrated Happy would lay trail to Wildside and then to Playmates. At playmates Snowball, Flash Flower, and NFN Amy would give the hashers a cheerful greeting. Here the hashers completed swing low and the hash would go in peace.
Onon Sushi Cow Girl