Dec 20, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 December 12 RIVER SHORTCUT

The hashers attending today were Psychodrunk, Aka Gay, Texas 2.2, Texas T-Bag, Straight Edge, Sphincter, Juon, One Dog Sleeping, Sushi Cow Girl, Naga Suck Me, Meow Job, Pink Sausage, I Da Whore, NFN Brandon, Naga Suck Me, Pedo Kazu, Puppy Face Off, Snowball, Flash Flower and NFN Sachi. The hashers took the 1342 train from JR station to Diato, soon after arriving and conducting a hash flash hares (Psychodrunk) away was called and Sushi Cow Girl would conduct hash talk. 12 minutes later hounds away and would follow the trail in Psycho fashion and immediately go up the stairs and over the highway. After a short run on the road CB5 took the hounds into a parking lot and then the shiggy. The hounds would exit the shiggy on the opposite side of the hill and back into the streets. The trail would curve around many roads before going back into the shiggy and up more stairs. Down the road, up the hill, and right back into the shiggy. Here the hare left a map that Puppy Face Off would miss read (because the hare drew a bad map) and lead the hounds into the shiggy. After being scratched and chased by creatures of the woods the hounds would jump the fence find the trail and go up more stairs. Beer check would be in a playground where NFN Sachi was waiting to refresh the hounds, after a short time and pee on trail off the hounds would go. Running along the river I Da Whore decided to make a short cut and jumped in the river, Sushi Cow Girl would follow in hopes of getting a pocket full of fresh sushi! The short cut turned out to be not so short and these 2 hounds would catch the trail after searching and sniffing out the hare. Another playground is where the trail would end with NFN Sachi and Sphincter once again standing by to refresh the hounds. The hare would down down for many trail violations, drawing a bad map, and for laying an s-h-i-t-t-y t-r-a-i-l. Many hounds would down down for multiple imagined trail violations. The front running bastards, Texas 2.2 and Sushi Cow Girl (at the beer check) would down down and then Naga Suck Me for being the front running bitch (I think, it all gets a little fuzzy here?). Onon would take us to Gramophone and then to Makati where Happy SM would arrive in her usual late fashion. Onon Sushi Cow Girl