Apr 29, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 April 25 Stairway to Hell

Our policy objective to collect more than twenty people has been achieved last Sunday. It is entirely due to our persistent recruit campaign. I would like to thank you all for your cooperation and support. Psychodrunk, the hypersadistic trail master laid another shitty ass trail. The trail started at Senpukuji station of MR local train line. To tell the truth, this trail was a rehash of the old trail on January 24th when only five hounds showed up. The pack took off up the street, into a tiny shrine, down the stairs, up the stairs to a residential area, descended through another tiny shrine. Crossing the route 204, the pack hit another stairs to Sairenji temple, and then proceeded into the shiggy. Since I hared I do not know much about what happened on trail but I think the shiggy part was a little too heavy as my brand-new samurai sword was of no use at all. The pack escaped out of the shaggy into alleyways. The dead tired pack couldnt help using a technology on trail. We finished at Yamanota station. FRB (Front Running Bastard) was Texas T-Bag, the only racist at the end. DFL (Dead Fucking Last) was NFN Kaz who got literally lost while peeing on trail so took a vehicle to Sasebo Park. We eventually migrated Sasebo Park for down-down. Thirsty crowd received Sphincter, the GM/Beer Meister and the circle began. After a quick demonstration by Straight Edge, five virgins became Sasebo hashers. NFN John was on his 5th run, so he got called up and told some stories. He was finally christened One Dog Sleeping after his doggy style in a closet experience. And the fourth time harriet NFN Kana was also named "Toilet Shoes" because she made the mistake of wearing toilet slippers during down-down. The circle was finally closed with various versions of Swing Low. OnOn Psychodrunk

Apr 19, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 April 17 Denim Day Bar-to-bar

Another great Bar-to-Bar. The Hash turned out in force (average of 10 in The Pack through out the run) to celebrate lesbianism and received valuable SM training all along the trail. The Co-Harriettes both learned a lot about the value of research in laying good trail. As this was a night event, there was no heavy shiggy; but plenty of obstacles, even for the sober. The trail was for 8 bars (Celine, Takuan No Shippo, Club GINZA, Shade of Manila, Playmate, Anchor, Gramophone, Shooters), the pack ended up in 10 (Makati, Avanti, and some went to 11th Ace, too). Psychodrunk was the ONLY hound to participate in the "after-hours" lesbian fest, 4 "hot" women and PD, who finally parted ways at 5:00am Sunday morning.

We look forward to seeing all of you for the Sunday afternoon event.

On On
Naga Suck Me

Apr 12, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 April 11 Supersadistic Psychopath

WOW what a trail! Challenging and exciting - especially on the “drunk” hare to lay. Though we lost some of the pack up in the shiggy and a few experienced harriers forgot how to read trail marking we all made it to the finish in as many pieces as we started in. It only took a short time to free the pack from the boar traps and nearly took heavy equipment to rescue/pull them out of the swamp.
It was, once again confirmed that Psychodrunk is a sadistic mother f***er, to which he celebrated heartily. Largest pack in long time and half were hot harriettes. To show just how “social” we are throughout Down-Downs several Japanese locals spontaneously joined our circle. Naga Suck Me blew the entire Hash in the park. NFN Evan was named by unanimous vote: Eye Full a’ Penis

On On

Naga Suck Me