Mar 28, 2011

Hash Trash 2011 March 27 Happy SM’s Necrophilia Animals Hash

Hare was Texas T-bag. Hounds were Psychodrunk, Screw Drive Her, One Dog Sleeping, Pie Pan, eKimchi, Brown Eyed Dragon, Happy SM, Aka Gay, and Chainsaw Assacre.

Another Sunday run and it was a beautiful day outside. Texas T-bag showed everyone around the corner from Haiki Station where we met up to bless the hare and let him start running trail. After a few minutes of the hare being away Happy SM was kind enough to bless us with her presence. A few minutes later it was hounds away to hunt down the hare for Hash number 392. After leaving from the starting point, we went out and up one side of the street and back down the other side, before crossing the street and down to the river. After running up the river for a little while we found our way into the city before running along the river again. After crossing the blue bridge we found ourselves going up a “hill” across many stairs before arriving in a city. Being sneaky, Texas T-bag crossed around the cho before going down a set of stairs and down to the corner. After that we climbed a set of stairs to the first shrine where some people made their prayers (hopefully for all animals to live). From there we crossed behind the shrine and up the hill through several mosquitoes and past several dog markings (with no dogs) where we found ourselves at the top of the hill behind all the houses. After running behind the hill we went down the stairs across a street and down another set of stairs. The bottom of the stairs led us past a pack of unmarked dogs and around a hill. After this hill there was a check back 5 which check backed at the beginning of another shrine. After going across the same blue bridge we ran around a few hills and found ourselves climbing a concrete hill to the third shrine. Just before going down the stairs, Happy SM found a dying mole. From there we ran around the corner along the train tracks before crossing over them. Some people were busy staring at each other (eKimchi and Chainsaw Assacre) and almost missed the stairs near the tracks, which would have been a 1.5 meter fall (like PsychoDrunk into a garage). A quick jog down the street and we were at the finish which had also been the start. Fortunately there was a park where everyone was able to have the down downs. Happy SM was too busy trying to save a dying bird to notice the down down and circle. Although no virgins and NFNs there was a few anniversaries and birthdays to celebrate. Chainsaw Assacre and Screw Driver celebrated their birthdays as well as Brown Eyed Dragon, Chainsaw Assacre, and Texas T-bag received there 10 hash band; Happy SM received her 50 hash head band (who said head?). Over all it was a good trail for a short notice and we look forward to everyone making it to the Cherry Blossom Run next Sunday.


Brown Eyed Dragon

Mar 26, 2011

Hash Trash 2011 March 19 Almost All American

Saturday’s Bar to Bar was another exciting time running through Sailor Town and Saki Town. We started at the USO in Nimitz Park and made a roundabout way to Shooters Top Side for a good time. After hanging out for a little while we made our way to River Rock. Once there for a little while the Hares were away on their way to Snack Rey. A few people had some of the best fried rice they have had in a long time. I thought this was a drinking club? After a little time at Snack Rey’s we ran a far distance of .1 kilometers to Playmates. After leaving playmates One Dog Sleeping hared to a new bar in Saki Town called Main Bar Masters. All the hounds and hares enjoyed their time there because there was such a wide selection of alcohol to choose from. After leaving there, the hounds were led to XOXO for a few drinks. Upon leaving XOXO, the hares led all the hounds to Polo. At polo we named NFN Brandon for now and forever more to be named Fast Action Gaijin (FAG). After leaving there the hares led everyone to Blue Js. The final bar on the list was Makatis, where down downs were completed and everyone went on awaiting the next hash.

Those present included: eKimchi, Chainsaw Assacre, Brown Eyed Dragon, One Dog Sleeping, NFN Brandon (Fast Action Gaijin), NFN Christfer (Virgin), NFN Mike, NFN Andrew, Goat Fuck Yourself, Muff Diver, and Naga Suk Me

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Brown Eyed Dragon