Jan 2, 2010

Hash Trash 2009 Dec 31th - 2010 Jan 1st New Year's Eve All Night Run

Another bar-to-bar run for two consecutive weeks. It was a freezing cold day and even light snow fell in the afternoon. The hare was supposed to be Karaoke Porn Star alone, but Straight "Go Speed Racer" Edge joined as the co-hare against the hashing spirit. We had eight hashers including three virgins at the start at 2100. The pack had a trouble finding trail at the very beginning because of the hidden map. Marks resumed from burger shop Ace into the back lane of Polo bar without stopping off there. Trail was headed to Sailor town ending at Exposed, the first bar. As the AC/DC music was too loud to continue down down, the hares were away in no time. Along the Sasebo river the hares made a big detour to Polo, the second bar. One of the young virgins tried to down a beer bottle in vain. It was all due to the poor training by Straight Edge. And the trail headed from the arcade into the heavenly stairs to Sake town. Too many boob checks for the only girl Screw Drive Her slowed us drastically. The next bar was E-bar, the third place where all the boys were worked up by the message on a young Japanese chick's T-shirt. While we headed for Sailor town again to celebrate New Year, Screw Drive Her got dead tired by another boob check. After a big check back, trail went to Sailor town Double A, the fourth bar. Thanks to the right Karaoke song sung by preceding customers, we barely counted three to New Year. After greeting New Year, the hares took us to Playmate, the fifth bar. Happy SM finally caught up with us. The final destination was Anchor Club. No name AI joined the pack here. Psychodrunk has only a vague memory of this time. I think several hashers- Happy SM, NN Chris, NN AI and Psychodrunk went to Laguna at four in the morning for On-on and McDonald's at six thirty for On-on-on breakfast. Next hash is Bar-to-bar run laid by Karaoke Porn Star once again on the 9th January. Bring more virgins. On On Psychodrunk