May 30, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 May 29 How many times did they sing THE song?

Hasher's Birthday song is little bit different. Sing "Happy birthday f**k you"... like that. NoName Josh had been requested his Birthday HASH the day. Hare was OneDogSleeping, co-here were Karaoke Pornstar and NoNameJJ. They started Nimitz → Sasebo Park (1st) → DoubleA (2nd) → Standing BAR ZAKOYA (3rd) → Romania (4th) → SnackBar REI (5th) → ROYAL (6th) → POLO (7th) → "FINAL PLACE" (8th). When I joined, it was about 0:00 at ROYAL. There were some dressed up hashers like... Birthday hat, nice pink dress, Flog and Monkey head gear and nice silky shirt (wow!). Naga Suck Me took care of Birthday boy with neck massage (He looked melty,ha ha ha!). Got off the 7th place POLO and run on trail, Bithday Boy all suddenly said with laugh "Ha ha ha ha!! Here is my place!!" Yeah, One Dog Sleeping got his room key to make him surprise. All hashers had been spend time for naming three NoNames. It took Looooooong time. So some NoNames fellow fell asleep. Finally, three NoNames got names. "Needle Dick Princess" for Josh. "JJ the Jet Plane" for JJ. "1$ Boy Katoy" for Jon. GM left the circle before "Swing low", anyways. OnOn was Blue J. Joined member were..... not so much drunk PsycoDrunk, Above DRUNK Needle Dick Princess, Drunk Karaoke Pornstar, Drunk One Dog Sleeping, Lesbian Butt Frower, Anti-seize up the Ass and Sober HappySM. "The Late commer" iPhonicator stopped by to bring Birthday Cake. When I left there the sky shows me MORNING. Some of Drunkers were still there. They must be Hung over HASH next day. OnOn HappySM

May 24, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 May 23 Cum Rain Or Cum Shine

Hash run always goes on, rain or shine. However that may be, the hare was concerned about the weather on hashing day. Although weather forecast is not a reliable source normally, the rainfall probability finally reached 100%, which could not be denied. Psychodrunk waited at McDonald’s believing that some hash chauvinists should show up. Naga Suck Me and Screw Drive Her in full defensive preparations appeared and Happy SM followed. And three drunken hashers; One Dog Sleeping, Karaoke Pornstar and NFN Tom came straight from Makati. This was the 350th analversary run, plus Psychodrunk’s 10th haring this year. In spite of heavy rain, seven hashers and hariettes gathered eventually, and this number is still bigger than the average number of the packs last year. Psychorunk gave up setting a ball buster trail this time and even saved the back-up plan. Psychodrunk has been carrying out his original philosophy of doing solo hare, but NFN Tom persisted in co-haring on his naming day. Psychodrunk undertook the hare-raising business. And the trail made on Google maps the last night was set cold without any preparation at 1340. Crossing a pedestrian overpass from Shimanose Park, the trail went up the stairs to the district court and Senju Hospital. While the virgin hare had a hard time catching up the veteran hare, Happy SM gave us an emergency phone call saying that hare markings were washed away and the pack was unable to continue. As this was partly because Psychodrunk did not use flour, the hares turned back to the front gate of Gion elementary school, where we met the pack and restarted the run. It kept going up to the Takanashi area. And hit the stairs down from a residential area near Yoko Hospital. It went all the way down and all the way up, and all the way down again through a graveyard. To avoid the time-consuming task of rushing the co-hare while setting the trail in this area, Psychodrunk ordered NFN Tom stand by at the foot of the stairs. From a check-back point, the trail went up again passing by railroad line. We finally hit a wide road into downtown and finished at Shimanose Park again. To my surprise, Karaoke Pornstar was the FRB. It took about 2 hours and was 6km long just like normal day-run trails. And then the pack moved to Matsuura Park for the beers. Down-down started at the park with our GM Sphincter. We were supposed to make a quick down-down and move to an on-on because we were soaking wet. But it dragged on like always until dark. Shivering with cold, Happy SM was kindly warmed by our sumo hashers. And we spent much time on naming NFN Tom. As he takes cheeseburgers as everyday cuisine, he was named Dick McSemen by anannimous vote. And then we all swung low and the hash got a piece. On-on. Psychodrunk

May 16, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 May 15 Bunnies Went Out Of Control

Empirically bar-to-bar run should be just a laid-back night walk. I don’t know how to describe it, but it may be “outta control”. The theme assigned by Karaoke Pornstar was “crazy socks”. In striking contrast to grown-up hashers, some mischievous kids were really perverted. As 5 minutes are normally given to the hares of pub crawl run, it was a mistake to give them 12 minutes. Hash marks suddenly disappeared without intersections or check-backs. Hares made a long detour into the Nimitz Park again and we ran halfway round the park. Slipping through the broken fence, the pack headed for Sake town. First bar was E-bar as expected. But it took us one hour to get there. Sweating mob did nothing but drink beer there. Then we ran through the longest arcade in Japan to Royal the 2nd bar. Taking advantage of the opportunity that all the seats were reserved for the hashers, we went ahead with Down-down in the normal procedure. NFN Roland and a virgin dropped out of the run. Happy SM was punished for using technology in the circle, One Dog Sleeping was awarded 5th run H-band and Naga Suck Me was honored for 10th run. NFN Jon and our GM Sphincter did cum late. Trail went into the arcade again, but the front running bastards missed a new intersection. Naturally enough, true trail was the stairways from the alley in front of McDonalds to Sake town. The third place was the top of the hill where we did Down-down very quietly in the dark. Eiffel of Penis brought his girlfriend but they never came back. Trail went to Sake town and finished at Park Slope CafĂ©, the 4th bar. One of the precious harriettes, Happy SM left from the run there. Then we took two minutes walk to Rising Sun, the 5th bar. Runnig after the hares full of energy, we hit a boob check. But we couldn’t wait for the only harriet Naga Suck Me, so One Dog changed it into Glasses Check and NFN Tom met the requirement. Once again we went to Sailor town and the next bar was Rei, the 6th bar next to Love Doll. Hungry hares had late supper and they went to Anchor, the 7th bar where the hares had a midnight feast again. NFN Vic left there and the trail led to Playmate, the final destination. Sphincter sang an enka ballad as soon as we arrive at the bar. We appreciated harriettes on duty – Lesbian Butt Frower and NFN Emi and NFN Yuki. After KP finally gave a closing address, we all swung low and the hash got a piece. Some hasher stayed there for a couple of hours and ended up in One Dog Sleeping’s Makati. NFN Josh and Psychodrunk were the only survivors. Next run will be on the 23rd hared by Psychodrunk. And we have another bar-to-bar run on the 29th to celebrate NFN Josh’s birthday and we will name him. The hare will be One Dog Sleeping. On-on. Psychodrunk

May 15, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 May 9 Hash Withdrawal Symptoms

Psychodrunk, who was on duty the night before, felt unwilling to go hashing at the beginning. But a large number of hashers stirred him to lead the pack again. The leader of the pack brought the 21 hounds; Screw Drive Her, Straight Edge, Happy SM, Ooh-La-La, Karaoke Pornstar, Naga Suck Me, One Dog Sleeping and NFNs (George, Kyle, Saori, Emi, Vic, Jon, Josh, JJ, Tom) and virgins (Brian, James, Lee, Joshua, Cory) to Kita-Sasebo Station. After an elaborate chalk-talk by himself, the hare was away. The trail went through a back street of the station and went up long stairs to Orihashi area. Passing through a residential area, the pack hit the familiar concrete walls covered by blue sheets. But there were neither water tanks nor beer check this time. Through a shiggy part, trail went back to downtown area. Reached at the top of another big stairs, Psychodrunk suddenly changed his plan to A-to-B trail. Although he didn’t know much about the area, old ladies kindly guided him through the bypath. Through the central park, finally trail ended at Shimanose Park. To clear the stigma of being the slowest pack, some racists tried to capture the all-time hare only in vain. Down-down started at 1545 before the GM arrived. We celebrated the cumming of age for virgin Cory. Although a horrible phone call interrupted the circle, it went smoothly. We named three NFNs; Ginger Bread Dildo for George, Lesbian Butt Frower for Saori, and Anti-seize Up The Ass for Kyle. We all drank until dark. Finally we swung low and got a piece. Some drunks went to Anchor and Napoli randomly for On-on. Psychodrunk - loves Monday rain

May 3, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 May 2 The slowest hashers in the world

Even though it was an unscheduled hash, many people participated in the Sunday run. NFN Josh who proposed the run was the first hasher to arrive. And the hareholic Psychodrunk showed up. And Screw Drive Her, Karaoke Pornstar, Naga Suck Me, Phone Sex, Texas T-Bag, Pink Sausage, NFN Nic, Naoya, Saori, George and Tom moved to Psycho’s favorite Yamanota Station. Happy SM could not make the run due to her SM business, but she came to see us off before she went to work. The trail at the beginning was pretty much predictable for some hashers, but Psychodrunk tried a different tack with a shiggy into landslide warning area. He kindly provided Beer Check at huge water tanks with a magnificent view. Released from a heavy burden from the back, Psychodrunk picked up some speed. After a check-back, he made an epoch-making discovery of hidden stairs downhill. Going through another shiggy, the pack hit concrete walls to prevent landslides. The pack thought they were within sight of finishing at the roadway, but the trail continued to go up making a detour to Yamanota Station, the start point. After finishing a haredo, Psychodrunk rushed into a supermarket for beer. Even after 10 minutes of shopping, nobody had finished yet. Waited for another 15 minutes, Texas T-Bag finally finished and so did NFN Saori in another 10 minutes. We thought all of the hashers and harriettes including late cummers; iPhonicator and Hit On Me came home safely, when we found someone was missing. Phone Sex was the missing person on trail who missed a checkback and went to Kita-Sasebo Station. Be sure to follow the trail. Don’t try to guess by your intuition. Down-down started at the Sasebo Park with Sphincter, the Beer Meister. In spite of fuck-offs and duty-calls, we had a bunch of down-downs such as 10th analversary for Karaoke Pornstar. NFN Kaz took his future hasher son. On-On party was held at Osteria La Dolce Vita. Next run is on Sunday the 9th May as scheduled hared by Psychodrunk, like it or not. OnOn Psychodrunk