Aug 30, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 August 29 HANGOVER HASH!

Hangover hash started at 1400 to give the hounds a little time to recover from Happy SM! Birthday bar-to-bar. The Hare was Sushi Cow Girl with co-hare Puppy Faceoff. Starting from Nimitz park the hounds headed toward Albuquerque bridge just to find a Check Back that took them back past the USO building and out the other entrance of the park. An intersection was near the Naval Station main gate and it took the hounds a few minutes to find +++> which was on the base side of highway 11 going toward SSK. The trail would go straight and flat past SSK then head toward the tunnel, but that would be too much flat running so the hares laid trail up the mountain. At the top was an octopus intersection, as quoted by NFN Mike who would soon be named, the front-runners would take the wrong trail and miss the BT sign. The front-runners NFN Mike and a NFN Harriet found chalk marks and continued up the wrong road for an estimated 2 kilometers. Psychodrunk would later inform the front-runners they were chasing chalk marks from kids! Beer check would be in the park at Kashimia pier, where Screw Drive Her would then meet her friend and he invites us to his boat for beverages. After about 1 hour with our new friend serving beverages hares away was called. The trail would take us thru the tunnel this time and up a hill to a viewpoint / boob check. At this point the hares saw a storm approaching and laid trail to the finish. A map would be drawn at an underpass so not too get washed away and the last bastard in could find his way.
At the down downs the Hare would drink for spraying bug spray in his co-hares eyes, as in hash fashion when one hare drinks all hares drink. NFN Mike would be named: “Follows Children”. Front running bastards, Psychodrunk and Follows Children would drink for being speed racers. Since many of our hashers are departing and will not be able to attend in the cuming months a social was called prior to swing low. Other hashers in attendance today; One Dog Sleeping, Ginger Bread Dildo, Woo Woo Woo, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Naga Suck Me, Screw Driver Her, Puppy Faceoff, NFN (female but don’t remember her name), and NFN Quite Guy (also too hung over to remember his name).
Onon plan would take us to Ace burger for some well-needed food and drinks. Then hashers would ononon to Makati bar where Happy SM! would arrive as a late cummer. Onon Sushi Cow Girl

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