Aug 23, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 August 22 SNARED HARE!

Run 362 was hared by Psychodrunk who would disappoint the hounds from the beginning. The Hare decided to cum late and was not prepared. The hounds had to push the hare so we could make the 1228 train, 2 stops later we were ready for chalk talk and found the hare had failed to bring enough chalk for all the hounds. After chalk talk we held a hash flash and called hare away. The hounds would share what little chalk was provided to navigate the lame trail. The trail would immediately begin to go up hills and steps, along the way the hounds found themselves going into the shiggy until another road was found that led up the hill. Then a boob check was laid at which point the front running bastards waited for the rest of the hounds in hash style. At this point two of our hounds, Screw Drive Her, and virgin NFN Shioko, would make the ultimate sacrifice and decide to call off the chase because the heat was too much to bear. The trail would go right into the shiggy and elude the hounds for more than 20 minutes. After many cobwebs, sticks and stones, the hounds would find the true trail +++> mark and continue up the mountain road. Right around the corner the trail would make a sharp right turn into the shiggy once again. After a few minutes the hare was at his first beer check and there was no beer in sight, very disappointing. Hare away was called and the hare left just as the hornets would cum out to play. Sushi Cow Girl, after being stung in the back 2 times would call hounds away and down the road we would go. A few minutes later “H2O near” is sited and the hare would have hash cash ready to hydrate the hounds. Sushi Cow Girl would crawl to the hydrator just in time! Once again the hare was off and 12 minutes later hounds away was called. This time the hounds had enough and decided to set a trap for the hare. Yes SNARED HARE was within the hounds reach; we had worn him down with our skillful approach. After documenting the event the hare was given 6 minutes and off went the hounds. The hare laid a trail back to the train station because the hounds had worn him out. Not to be discouraged hounds, Oohlala, Sushi Cow Girl, NFN Nate, and virgin NFN Gonzo would choose to run back to Sasebo Park and beat the hare who was on the train being closely watched by the rest of the hounds.

Down downs would be held at Sasebo Park where Screw Drive Her would re-join the pack and Sushi Cow Girl would use tech to ensure virgin Shioko made it home safely and in good spirits. Multiple down downs would be had by all, Psychodrunk for being snared and laying a horrible trail. The virgins, NFN Gonzo, brothers NFN Yoshi and NFN Hirokazu (visiting from Fukuoka). Celebrating for catching the hare was WooWooWoo and NFN Nate. Virgin NFN Gonzo for departing early and the late cummers JJ Jet Plane with his side kick NFN Yoshi. Sphincter would cum late and complete a down down to bless new cranial gear. Analversaries for 10 hashes were Sushi Cow Girl and WooWooWoo.

Other hashers in attendance today; One Dog Sleeping, Strikeout, Juon, NFN Yuki, and Ginger Bread Dildo.

After swing low the onon plan took us to Napoli to feed the hounds in preparation for next week. Ononon would take us to Playmates to visit the backsliders then off to Makati for one last beverage.

The kangaroo court voted and this cumming weekend will be a double since some of our hashers will be temporarily departing and it is HAPPY SM!’s birthday. So Saturday will be a bar to bar, the hare COULD BE YOU! Then Sunday will be a regular run hared by Sushi Cow Girl and co-hare NFN Nate they promise a trail that every virgin will enjoy so do your recruiting this week! Watch the web for times and meeting places.

Onon Sushi Cow Girl

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  1. tooo funny !!
    i'm really going to miss this in the months to come.