Aug 9, 2010

Hash Trash 2010 August 8 Red Dress Mania

Hashers in attendance today; Straight Edge, Happy SM!, iphonecator, Psychodrunk, One Dog Sleeping, woowooowoo, Juon, Karaoke Porn Star, Strikeout, NFN Andrew, Sphincter, and Sushi Cow Girl.

Run 360 is the 2nd annual red dress run requested this year by Straight Edge. We called Hares (Straight Edge with Happy SM! As co-hare) away at 1225 from JR Sasebo station. After a photo shoot with a couple lovely Japanese girls hounds away was called. A brief tour of the piers then the hounds found the trail and started heading up the hill. Behind the church then up the stairs the trail would go. The day was rather warm so the hares laid a trail up many stairs in hopes to lose the hounds. The hounds would have none of that and soon found themselves calling a social for beverages. The hounds are off and just around the corner the hares had laid a beer check. After documenting the lady like drinks for all the red dress hounds, off we went and started heading down hill. Meeting many locals who were having a great time admiring our breathtaking outfits. After a couple of stops to sing songs the trail would intersect 35 and turn to the left. At this point it is clear this trail does not have enough hills and entirely too few steps! The hares would not disappoint for long as the trail makes a right turn and heads straight up hill. The trail leads to Tenjin Park for the finish and down downs. The Hares would do multiple down downs for trail violations, most notably writing finish then having an intersection and chad to go to the true finish. Juon would be crowned with Front Running Bastard and charged with having a pink dress instead of red as instructed. Iphonecator would do a down down for having new shoes. Sphincter as a returning hasher, had a great excuse but the kangaroo court would vote to have him drink anyway. ODS would have multiple charges as a backslider and failing to be a co-hare as he promised on a previous hash with nothing but a lame excuse. Analversaries included Sphincter for 300 hashes, KP for 25 hashes, ODS for 10 hashes, and Juon for 5. Happy SM! was voted as the new song mister as she happily accepted. Kangaroo court had a long agonizing vote and in the end Strikeout would be voted as the RED DRESS QUEEN!!!

Onon, to make Sushi Cow Girl very happy, would lead to Seajack sushi where the customers and staff would admire our beautiful outfits. The off to find why fellow hashers had fail to show we stopped at Grammaphone, Playmates, and finished a Makatis. Onon Sushi Cow Girl

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