Jul 25, 2013

#521 Hasher TV Run  2013 6 23

Present: BMW, TTB, CA, SMG, Romanian Steamer, Golden Steamer, Beaver Fister, SCG, Happy SM, Aussie Chakura, Captain Jack Swallows,
Hare: Psychodrunk   Sasebo TV MC: Sphincter
Snare: Beaver Fister
Latecummer: ODS

On-On we gather here today for the join in debaucheries that is the Sasebo Hash House Harriers, and free press from Sasebo TV also. Imagine that. More to Follow on that later.

Live from Kitasasebo, it’s Hashers night live!!! From the start as Psychodrunk looked all out of sorts during the initial interview, it was noted that he forgot to place a no blow in front of them cemetery. As he took off of course we all attempted to use the various tactics to delay the hare to no avail.

On-On and off the beaten downtrodden path to somewhat un hashed streets as it were, we were moving along thru CB’s BT’s and true trails aplenty. Whoops, I almost forgot to mention the shortcutters. Shame on me.

Progressing up and down the mountain thru residential streets and so forth, the pack came upon an intersection that we eventually figured out lead into the 1st shaggy patch. Little did we suspect that at the top of the hill was the camera-crew was there to “bushwhack” the pack, so to speak.

Further around the bend was the next shaggy path where some have already been before going the opposite direction. Also having a near fall to death. Where the climb up the concrete was steep and slick from the rain we pursued. Down Down the other side of shaggy was the beaten path where Chainsaw spotted the wascawwy wabbit, but got sidebarred on the street down thru the tunnel and lost was the hare.

Thus was not the case for beaver, he eventually snared the hare at a would be CB. Closely behind was chainsaw. As the 5 minute had elapsed it was On-On again towards Central Sasebo, thru a nearby shrine up towards the observatory, or so we thought.

As the main concentration of hounds made their way towards the finish at Nimitz, we encountered the TV crew again. On-in for the BEER!!! Finished was most of the hashers except for say you Romanian Steamer, who we thought went back to the start.

Noteworthy infractions: Chainsaw: smoking in circle / trail, nearly falling down the mountain side again! Losing sight of the hare. ODS: smoking in circle, Sphincter, BMW, ODS, Pink Sausage etc… backsliders, ODS: latecummer, Happy SM: for disconnecting the mic from the camera.

Noteworthy praise: Texas T-bag for the excellent homebrew.

Chainsaw Assacre



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