Jul 26, 2013

#525 Beer & BBQ run 2013 7 20

Present: Sushi Cow Girl, Chainsaw Assacre, Whiny The POO, Suck My Gumballs, Psychodrunk, Permission 2 Cum Aboard, NFN’s Kazumi, Yuka
Hare: Texas T-Bag

So it was a good gathering for the hash, 8 hashers + the hare. The start of Huis Ten Bosch Station was a familiar trodden ground we have all been to before. Yes including big time back slider Whiny The POO.

Hare away, so much for staying in the shade as it were. So as it were that Psychodrunk & SMG took off up the stairs before the 12 minutes, citing the need of using the bathroom. So after the 12 minutes passed it was hounds away:

Intersection at the top of the stairs was the obvious path to take across the bridge. On-On towards the main attractions of the Dutch settlement. But across the parking lot starting towards the grandmaster’s residence. Weaving and bobbing thru traffic at a parking lot exit was chainsaw cutting across back and forth to be seen by the rest of the pack. Upon a running jump start it looked like he was gonna leap over onto the other side, but instead nearly fell into the ditch.

A sharp right turn before the main entrance took us out to the main drag. Then across the street and up to some stairs. On-On was the usual front runners, O’er the river and thru the woods to the hash house we go.

Moving right along the pack came up unto a loop around, that of which Texas T-bag is known for At which point was where Chainsaw & SMG were lost and shortcut back to the start. As it turned out from the intersection now there the proper path was straight from where the loop ended. Leading further up the mountain.

To which a roadkilled snake was found. Somebody had the bright idea to circle it in chalk w/ “Don’t Tread On Me” (way to late as it were) Also a head on a pole (Head, who said head?) I however digress. Thus at which point of the finish, where all but CA/SMG was there.

Super short circle was conducted (22 minutes precisely) On-On to the Hotel Lorelei onsen then Hotel Nikko for Nomihodai / Tabehodai Yaki Niku. Did everybody see chainsaw down his draft beer in 5 seconds, cause he will not be doing that anytime soon.

Chainsaw Assacre

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