Jul 25, 2013

 #524 Academic Run  2013 714
Present: Texas T-Bag, Sushi Cowgirl, Beaver Fister, Chainsaw Assacre
Hare: Psychodrunk

I wasn’t quite sure how this hash would go. Suspecting a small turnout, but sort of surprised that there was 4. Longer of a train ride than SMG’s previous trail we hopped off @ (大学駅) University Station. A Sasebo HHH 1st as it were.

To what point and purpose was it dubbed the Academic run I still pondered. As it turns out that (大学駅) was the stop nearby the Prefecture University for (長崎) Nagasaki.

Off topic am I, At the start here comes our gracious beer stop hostess, and bag storage attendee. Upon the conclusion of the pre-game beer, it was hares away. 12 minutes later it was the hounds, then 3 minutes the race was on, or hot pursuit if you prefer.

On-On thru around and over the 1st rice paddy, unto a BT. But that didn’t stop chainsaw from hopping the ditch then the guard rail to get right back on track. Moving along while dodging traffic and ditch drop offs we followed the “scent”.

Up to a fork on the hill SCG went right, Chainsaw went left, Beaver was stationary, and I can only figure that T-Bag was short cutting as usual. On-On was chainsaw, got so far out in front, he was all by his lonesome.

Even up unto the 1st beer stop where as he didn’t even get a beer!!! (SAY IT ISNT SO) Pressing forth, to the shaggy. Hence to the pack’s surprise there was not very much thereof, or stairs for that matter.

Hot as hell, it can only be imagined that Chainsaw was delirious as he did not make his usual pack arrows. It were so hot that Chainsaw stopped by the waterfall for a bird bath where he had a would be near  fatal encounter w/ a mamushi (まむし).

At the near summit of MT Yumihari, was the 2nd beer stop where Beaver Fister met up w/ chainsaw. After a few refreshing brews the 2 hounds pressed on down the mountain. About 2/3 of the way down, There was the hare snare. (Chainsaw tagged the hare on the bus stop sign).

Noteworthy infractions: CA for not drinking a beer at stop #1, BF & Psychodrunk for use of nerd names, hmm what else?

Chainsaw Assacre

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